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10 Scholarships without IELTS in top Universities | Apply

Universities offering scholarships without IELTSUniversities offering scholarships without IELTS

10 Scholarships without IELTS in top Universities | Apply

Are you looking for scholarship without IELTS in top Universities, read on to get top Universities offering scholarships without IELTS.

List of 10 Scholarships without IELTS

1. Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships

2. Jean Monnet University Scholarships

3. SIIT Thailand Scholarship

4. Japanese Government Scholarships

5. Singapore International Graduate Award

6. Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships

7. Turkey Government Scholarships

8. Donghua University Shanghai Government Scholarships

9. Azerbaijan Government Scholarships

10. Taiwan Government Scholarships

List of top universities that do not require IELTS

1. Tsinghua University, China

2. Harbin Institute of Technology, China

3. All Universities under MEXT Japanese Scholarship Program

4. Turkish Universities under Turkey Government Scholarship Programs

Universities offering scholarships without IELTS
Universities offering scholarships without IELTS


The deadline is different for the various programs and scholarships and Universities. Interested applicants can also use any expired opportunity as a guide to apply during the next application window

How to apply

Please visit the individual official websites via the hypertext links attached for more information and apply.

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