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1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment Eradication Mechanism in Ghana, Said Prominent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McDan Gruop of Companies ,Dr Daniel Mchkorley

1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment.picture of education logo

1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment Eradication Mechanism in Ghana, Said Prominent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McDan Gruop of Companies ,Dr Daniel Mchkorley



Dr. Daniel who is a renounced and self independent business personality and CEO of McDan Group of Companies made a rhetoric statement that 1D1F as Educational Power and Unemployment reduction agent needed to be adopted as a poverty eradicating tool by massively offering employment opportunities to the citizenry.


He said, at this critical time, government needs to intensify it’s industrialization agenda under the One District One Factory initiative in attempt to stabilize Ghana out of the global economic crisis.


He is of the view that, the main problem of the underdevelopment of Africa is due to biasness in partizan polities. The leaders may come out with a very prudent policy like the 1D1F, but through the funding, the implementation, the supervision or monitoring and evaluation stage, the individual representatives who are to ensure all the above processes will rather ruin down the business.


1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment Eradication

He believed that government can not do the work alone therefore if you are in charge of a sector, you must work with clean heart and adopt the utilization of maintenance culture.


There should not be any interference in employment processes at all, he added. The human capital is the most valuable asset to consider in sustainable development. Why should there be graduate unemployment? A graduate means the person is full of knowledge at least in a specified area.


He also advised the youth to enter into farming and technical vocational areas and explore their creativity. They should come out of their comfort zones and get themselves doing something without considering the monitory aspect. You can start working in an organization as a cleaner or a messenger and later becomes the managing Director of the same organization. All demands hard work, endurance and perseverance.



In conclusion, he motivated the youth to stop the assession that, this work, area or job is not my field or it is meant for ony one gender when you have all the neccessary skills to do that and even better. Everyone has a talent, areas you are well versed in even though you did not specialize in them, you must take advantage of them when the need arise, he said.

He continued by saying that, out of selfish and  globally celebrated business mogul and careless of the privilege ones over the less privilege has also contributed to the current state of our country.

1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment Eradication

He actually used kind words on the potential economy changing 1D1F project, describing it as the best thing to ever happen to Ghana.


As part of the Industrialization drive under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Hon Alan Kyerematen and his team of officials majored on the One District One Factory Project. But he advised them to do more and hide party colours.


The project, which has since produced over *100* functional factories , created over thousands of direct and indirect jobs across beneficial districts.


As a seasoned and a successful business mogul on African soil, Dr. Daniel Mchkorley did not mince words in celebrating the priceless nature of the policy.


Speaking on Joy News Super Morning drive , McDan and he is affectionately known, called on Ghanaians not to politicize the initiative.


“We don’t have to play politics with it because this is what will create jobs for the ordinary man on the street.

1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment Eradication

This is a business model that can make you fall in some areas. The one District One Factory is one of the best thing to ever happen to this country.


I really supported it and still supporting it . There is too much hope in the 1D1F and we dont have to joke with it”, McDan said on Joy News.


The One District One Factory is a collaboration between Ghana government and the private sector that has seen many new factories set up or old and defunct factories revived.


The policy has seen many Automobile factories, rice processing, juice processing and other domestic sectors revived through collaboration of government and private sector.


“What we lack here is job creation and one of the requirements from IMF is that the government can’t employ. This is the time the Private sector can set in to employ people”, McDan emphasized.


On the workability of the initiative, the sucesful business man urged government to put a monitoring team in place to guide the activities of the 1D1F initiative.

1D1F As Educational Power and Unemployment Eradication

“I thought government was going to setup a monitoring and evaluation team to look after 1D1F. They were to look at where to set up factories”, he concluded.


One District One Factory is one of the most celebrated initiatives from the ruling NPP and has been credited as the brainchild of the current Trade and Industry Minister, Hon Alan Kyerematen.


Some African countries have studied the functional mode of the initiative and are currently implementing it across the globe.


Source: ghana.web

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