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2022 BECE Latest update and grading System. At long last, a cooking for the lizard is the cooking pot for the chameleon!

2022 BECE Latest update. Picture of WAEC logo

2022 BECE Latest update and grading System. At long last, a cooking for the lizard is the cooking pot for the chameleon‏!


WAEC and the entire Examination Board of Ghana Education Service Have Reviewed the System of grading in connection with this year’s BECE based on reasons best known to them.



A well standardized grading system has been adopted by West African Council in collaboration with Ghana Education Service to enhance, maintain and sustain the quantity but quality grading system in our educational sector.


In spite of this, very effective and even more strategic mechanisms were put into play. This they believed will go a long way to help if not to eradicate, then will rather reduce the porosity and permeability content in our educational system to a very significant level.


Candidates must know the importance of the raw scores and its evaluability in determining the entire grades of candidates.


2022 BECE Latest update

In the attempt to ensure even more quality system in grading and to pave way for the enjoyment of the boarding facilities under the free education policy, the ground total score cannot be neglected.

The grading system emanated from nine solid scale grades. Thus, from grade 1 to 9.
Statistically scoring from:
90 to 100 is grade 1(subjected to change)
80 to 89 is grade 2 (subjected to change)
70 to 79 is grade 3 which is also changeable
60 to 69 will give you 4
55 to 60 is equivalent to 5
50 to 59 may give you 6 per the new system
40 to 49 carries grade 7
35 to 39 will hand you on grade 8
And finally scoring from 0 to 34 gives you grade 9.


2022 BECE Latest update

However, one must note that, the above suggested grading system is very much tentative which logically means, it is subjected to further adulteration or circumcisions. It keeps up changing from year based on the overall performance rate of the candidates.

The better your grand total, the higher your chances of getting your chosen schools and programs you dreamt to offer.

As usual, 2022 Basic Certificate Examination has gone through successful marking and coordination. It is now under qualitative control system where the scripts wil be scrutinized to check for any abnormality.


After this process the release is set to be release. However, because of the celebration of christmas, majority of the workers under WAEC will break to have ample time with their families hence the 2022 results will be dully released From 5th December to Ist week January all things be equal. So keep your fingers cross and any extra arrangement pooping up will be revealed to you nakedly. Thanks   information

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