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2025 DV lottery visa: Why you must not send your details to an agent to apply for you

DV lottery visaDV lottery visa

2025 DV lottery visa: Why you must not send your details to an agent to apply for you

2025 DV lottery visa: There are fundamental reasons why you should not forward your details to an agent to complete the application on your behalf.


United States of America recently opened a portal for interested applicants to apply for the Diversity Visa Program (2025 DV lottery visa).


Interested applicants can apply on their own. However, some self-acclaimed agents try to convince the general public to apply on their behalf.


The self-styled agents have their ulterior motive for fronting others to apply. Apart from the instant monetary gains the agents will derive, they will comprise your ability to travel to the US when you are finally selected.


Why you should not involve agents

They will charge you exorbitant fees through the application process is free to apply


They will take custody of your application pin or serial numbers that you need to use after your selection. In this case, when you are selected, the agents will demand huge money from you in order to release your application serial number/ pin to you.


The agents will try to sell your application details to anyone who is willing to buy your application details at exorbitant charges to the highest bidder in case you are unable to pay the money they demand from you


DV lottery visa
DV lottery visa


DV lottery visa
DV lottery visa


Also, the agents have the aim to demand you include them as spouses or dependents to travel to the US, otherwise, they will not release your details to you.


Finally, the agents will try to use your application details to process themselves as the winner.


Interested applicants also encourage to pay attention to other forms of scams elaborated by the US embassy to guide applicants against other potential fraud

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