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General Requirement for registration of your pupils

General Requirement for registration of pupils for the National Standardiszed Test (NST)

From The office of the National Executive Director-GNACOPS.

Pursuant to the implementation of NST in all schools, ie (Public Basic Schools and Private Basic Schools) the Ministry of Education through the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

(NaCCA) has on the 14th day of September 2022, instituted a Technical Working Group (TWG) to oversee the smooth implementation of 2022 NST for Basic 2 and Basic 4 pupils across the country.

The composition of this TWG is industrial players being selected from Private Education Sector Associations, Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, National Schools Inspectorate Authority, West Africa Examination Council and National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

Basic 2 NST for this year will take place in the month of November 2022.

Basic 4 NST for this year has been slated for the month of December 2022.

Basic Requirements
1. Name of the School
2. EMIS Code for the School
3. Region
4. District
5. Name of the pupil
6. Class of the pupil
7. Age of the pupil

This means that every School should have EMIS CODE.

Mode of Registration and Period

The mode of registration will strictly be online and the whole registration period would end on 27th *September* 2022.

Private schools would register strictly through the support of their various Associations

And public schools would also register strictly through the support of GES.

Registration link would be prepared and shared as soon as practicable.


The government of Ghana is absorbing part of the cost and private schools are also paying for the rest the cost.

The amount and registration link will soon be announced

For any information kindly contact these numbers;

1. Mr. Abu Morrison
Director of Operations
– National Secretariat GNACOPS

2. Mr. Samuel Osei
General Service and Finance- National Secretariat GNACOPS

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