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26 Health Agencies to be Prosecuted: Public Account Committee of Parliament.

26 Health Agencies to be Prosecuted: Public Account Committee of Parliament.



Over the years series of misconducts sequencially occur at this critical area. The Public Account Committee of Parliament directed 26 Health Agencies to be Prosecuted over violation of constitutional Provisions.



The Chairman of the PAC, Dr. James Klutse Avedzi, said, The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has refered a maximum of Twenty-six Management Members of Budgets under the Ghana Health Service to the Attorney General for immediate prosecution to be done.



The chairman said, he has no power to prosecute, therefore with respect to separation of powers and checks and balances, they must be directed to the Authorized body for Prosecution to be made.



According to him, these Management members operating under the Ghana Health Service, have deliberately breached Procurement Act of the Constitution of Ghana. These Institutions procured huge amount of goods and Services and refused to obtain alternative price Quotations.


It means the Health Centers, have no regard to the law hence must be dealt with accordingly. HeĀ  added that, the health sector is critical hence critical measures must be put in place to deal with deviant behaviours.

26 Health Agencies to be Prosecuted:


26 Health Agencies to be Prosecuted:

The Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu asked the chairman to give proper justification of his rulling, he rhetorically said; “what kind of clarification do you want when the procurement Act is violated?”


The Minister of Health asked him to take it easy; some of these breaches could be that the individuals involved did not study procurement as a programme.


He pleaded that the Chairman should handle temper with mercy to enhance harmony and peaceful coexistence in the health sector.

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The minister said, much monies were not lost but the Chairman became furious and hesitant and said, after prosecution, the Minister should go to court and make those allegations in court.

26 Health Agencies to be Prosecuted:


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