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Digitalization as the antidote for educational Upliftment and Employment Creation

Digitalization as the antidote for educational Upliftment

Digitalization as the antidote for educational Upliftment and Employment Creation




Digitalization as the antidote for Educational upliftment and employment creation for our Socioeconomic development is key. Ideally, development of all kind is not possible if there is no resilience and second look at digitalization as the antidote for educational upliftment. His Excellency President Akufo Addo made this vital assessment known after Ghana Communications Technology University (GCTU) made a very significant move by paying the president a surprising visit at the Jubilee House.



Out of excitement and enthusiasm, the president made these flamboyant and magnifying metamorphosis to them.
Very effective and further promising development projects needed to smoothly run a University were verbalized by the president. He admitted to the fact that we are in financially doomed era hence very little to nothing can be done to help the school at this current moment.


The president said, developing a country comes back to science and technology. After acquiring the gallant scientific knowledge, graduates must be capable of putting  that prescious scientific knowledge learnt into more practical use. The knowledge should be made  beneficial and fully utilized in a more positive way to solve problems of man; other than that  this digitalization as a key for development has no use.



The president added that, Human resources development and utilization is key. He then congratulated the Academic Board of the University and the entire management of the school for their restless efforts in magnifying the dignity and productivity of the University. He said, more emphasis should be placed on creativity, innovation, and practical skills.


Digitalization as the antidote for educational Upliftment 

This will help students to think outside the box and become more industrious to contribute tremendously to the development of the country but not necessarily waiting for government employment.
The president once again promised to help uplift and develop the school hugely and equip it with extra modern facilities which will make the school counted as one of the best Universities in the whole West Africa.



The Chairman to the university, Professor Kofi Awusabo Asare, said, the president had already done marvelously well in terms of ensuring consistent in growth and development of the school. He said, the school was privately run University which comes with other underlying consequences.




Through the leadership and administration of the president, the school was converted to a government university. This alone eradicated the under staffing challenges the University was battling with for years. He added, that they will continue to do their best to serve the school due to the uniqueness the University possessed.




He emphasized that, the school was built by the British to educate the whole West Africa in terms of telecommunications and later turned into West Africa Centre for Communication Studies.


Digitalization as the antidote for educational Upliftment

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, added his voice by saying that, the university so far is ranked as the ninth best university in Ghana. This is a good start but with government intervention and the support from their able staff, in no time, the school will be considered as the best university in Ghana and West Africa.


The managing members of the University with other prominent board members of the University were all at the Jubilee house.
Indeed, our country is blessed with very prominent and talented speakers but weak in analytical and implementation of or virtualization of words spoken by them into realization or fruitful reality.



However, no political party is to be tagged despite the fact that the issues popped out from the Jubilee house on just past Friday. The over all calamitious angle from which this incident is coming from is our educational system.


Digitalization as the antidote for educational Upliftment



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