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girls caught smoking sacked from Sunyani Senior High School

 girls caught smoking, sacked based on health reasons! Smoking to the neglection of their studies?

girls caught Smoking, sacked! It is unbelievable! We used to know that, only boys associate themselves with things of this nature.


nowadays students, smoking live! read and watch the super unfortunate video below. These 7 girls caught smoking, sacked.


These are students of Sunyani Secondary School (SUSEC).T he incidence happened on Monday, 6th June, 2022. The 7 girls caught smoking, sucked, why?


according to the source, these girls broke bounds around 10 am and were picked up by 2 young men at STU. They were spotted by a teacher who reported to the authorities. Roll call was conducted immediately. The following morning these videos started popping


7 girls caught smoking sacked! The old reforms should be revisited.

It is time drastic actions are to taken to shaped our future leaders. Are these people part of our future leaders??

Is it true that the 7 girls caught smoking sacked?! This is just a comedy! The second video is terribly horrible. The funny thing is that, who actually recorded this video? There is no reasonable doubt that, it was done by themselves. They became high, hence careless about the consequences of their actions.


The 7 girls caught smoking sacked actually? These girls who were arrested, were quickly arraigned and their parents invited. The Board chairman and Municipal and Regional Directors have been officially informed. They have since been given indefinite suspension. 3 young men have been


arrested in connection with that and the Regional Police command have taken over investigation. Report has been sent to the Director General. Very unfortunate.

It is believed that science and technology has come to improve our education, improve our lives, make us creative and bring total transformation to both society and education.


Girls Smoking

. Today, the youth understand education differently.

The teacher can not do the work alone. 7 Girls Smoking

girls smoking cought God save us.  Parents, teachers as well as all state holders should make an effort to help maintain discipline is schools. The teacher can not do the work alone. Looking at our current reforms, the teacher hands are tight up. The law does not allow masters to exercise or punish students.


The ministry must try and put effective mechanisms in place to help adequately address issues,  if not, we must prepare to experience worse things than this.

7 Girls Smoking. Student girls Smoking!!

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