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Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers.


Wassce Management in-living  2021. Paper 2

1. Managing the use of resources involves

A. Planning, implementing and evaluation

B. Planning, analysing and implementing

C. Organization, implementing and evaluation.

D. Organizing, analysing and implementing

2. The level at which a person wants to achieve something is

A.. standards

B. Goals

C. Values

D. Aspiration

3. Solid waste generated in homes include

A. Empty thin and bottles.

B. Refuse and faeces

C. Sewage and bottles

D. Urine and faeces

4. Good consumer skills include

A. Comparison buying

B. Daily buying

C. Emotional buying

D. Credit buying

5. Decisions are made when

A.  there is only one action to take

B.. there are alternatives to take

C. A person is sure of what to do

D. A person has no alternatives

6. Which of the following is classified as a pension plan?

A. Supernnuation

B. Endowment fund

C. Bank deposit

D. Susu funds.

7. The best time to collect natural flowers is.

A. Early morning.

B. Mid- morning

C. Mid- afternoon

D. Late-evening.

8. People need to plan the use of their time because it

A. Is always available

B. Cannot be saved

C. Passes away quickly

D. Is use for many activities

9. The best way of purifying a drinking water is by.

A. Boiling

B. Straining

C. Sedimentation

D. Chlorination

10. The blessing of marriage by the church

A. Does not have any legal sopport

B. Has the same status as ordinance marriage

C. Gives the woman security

D. Gives the man authority

11. A person attracted sexually to both males and females is.

A. A homosexual

B. Tran- sexual

C. Bisexual

D. A heterosexual

12. Untreated Chlamydia May cause

A. Damage to the brain

B. Sterility in women

C. Damage to the spinal cord

D. Pelvic inflammation

13. The elements of design used in housing are

A. Proportion, texture and balance.

B. Space, line and colour

C. Unity, line and rhythm

D. Harmony, space and emphasis

14. Additional items used to make a room more attractive are referred to as

A. Fixtures

B. Trimmings

C. Accessories

D. Curtains

15. Which of the following takes place at all stages of the management process

A. Planning

B. Controlling

C. Goal setting

D. Decision making

16. The lump sum of money given to a worker at the time of retirement is called

A. Bonus

B. Gratuity

C. Pension

D. Supernnuation

17. Verdigris and rust are tarnishes found on.

A. Plastics

B. Leather

C. Metals

D. Clay

18. The formation of scum during cleaning indicates that the water is.

A. Hard

B. Dirty.

C. Acidic

D. Soft.

19. The deference between choice and decision making is that choice

A. Is made with probing minds

B. Involves conscious activity.

C. Is made under serious considerations

D. Is made on the spare of the moment

20. The principle of ventilation is based on

A. Allowing cool air into a room

B. Warm air rising to be replaced by cold air

C. Cool and hot air mixing to reduce temperature

D. Cool air being replaced by warm air


Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers

21. A family feels financially secured when it’s income

A. Is equal to  expenditure

B. Exceeds expenditure

C. Is enough for feeding

D.Provides for all wants

22. Element of interior decoration include

A. Mood and shape.

B. Line and shape.

C. Texture and taste

D. Colour and form

23. Which of the following is most likely to happen if family incomes and prices of goods change? The

A. Kind and amount of goods they can buy will change

B. Family will stop purchasing goods.

C. Family members will work harder to get more income

D. Type and kind of goods on the market will change.

24. The repayment of mortgage loans consist of the

A. Principal and interest

B. Interest, goodwill and dividend

C. Principal and goodwill

D. Principal, goodwill and property rate.

25. The most likely situation that may lead to impulse buying is.

A. Mode of payment

B. Pressure from friends

C. Persuasive advertisement

D. Advice from family members

26. A person who buys shares in a company

A. Helps to manage the company

B. Lends money to the company

C. Determines the individual to be paid

D. Becomes part owner of the company

27. A primary cleaning agent is.

A. Lime

B. Bleach.

C. Water

D. Soap

28. Cool colours are used in the bedroom to

A. To give a warm background

B. To give a restful background

C. Make the room dark.

D. Make the room bright

29. Domestic and industrial liquid waste are called

A. Refuse

B. Sewage.

C. Garbage

D. Sewers.

30. Situations that gives rise to the need for management include when

I. There is a problem to be solved

II. Our aspirations are completed.

III. Resources are scares

IV. There are many wants.

A. II, III and IV only

B. I, II and IV only

C. I, III and IV only

D. II and IV only


Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers

31. One characteristic of resources is that, they are

A. Useful

B. Complex.

C. Unlimited

D. Expensive

32. Resources are classified into

A. Material and human

B. Living and nonliving

C. Material and human

D. Community and nonhuman

33. The use of vinegar in the cleaning of carpets.

A. Prevents dust from settling on it.

B. Prevents wear and tear

C. Makes carpet softer

D. Brightens the colour of the carpet

34. Windows should be constructed on opposite sides so as to allow for

A. Open ventilation

B. Artificial ventilation

C. Cross ventilation

D. Multiple ventilation

35. It is important to wash used bowls Immediately to.

A. Prevent attracting pests

B. Prevent food poisoning

C. Make room tidy.

D. Make bowls last longer

36. The type of credit which attracts no interest is

A. Revolving credit

B. Service credit

C. Instalment credit

D. Hire purchase

37. Poverty can lead to

A. Ignorance

B. Drug abuse

C. Adolescent pregnancy

D. Peer pressure

38. To be punctual at work means to

A. Observe daily routine

B. Attend to calls always

C. Respond to appointments

D. Observe clock time

39. A well ventilated house should have

A. Windows one side

B windows on opposite sides

C. Doors and windows one side

D. Doors on opposite sides

40. Engaging girls in trading for the parents economic gains best describes child

A. Discrimination.

B. Deprivation

C. Exploitation

D. Neglect

41. Ground egg shells, wood ash, charcoal and find sand are all examples of.

A. Commercial abrasives

B. Local abrasives

C. Local detergents.

D. Synthetic detergents

42. A legal contract between a financial institution and a person who wants a loan to acquire a house is known as

A. Deed.

B. Lease.

C. Mortgage

D. Property rate

43. Adolescents emotional development are usually characterized by

A. Excessive sleeping

B. Increased appetite

C. Mood swings

D. Sexual intercourse

44. The best material for dustbins in the home are.

A. Cardboard and plastic.

B. Wood and cardboard

C. Metal and plastic

D. Metal and wood

45. The first factor to consider when building a house is

A. Lighting

B. Painting

C. Location

D. Entertainment

46. Feeding on demand refers to feeding the baby

A. Before bathing him or her

B. Anytime the mother wants

C. Before putting him or her to bed

D. Whenever he or she cries.

47. An example of floor covering is.

A. Tiles

B. Terrazzor

C. Carpet

D. Concrete

48. An adopted child is.

A. Maid servant

B. Co-tenant

C. Family member

D. Househelp

49. A marriage is regarded legal only when it is

A. Celebrated in church

B. Registered in court.

C. Accepted by the community

D. Officiated by a pastor

Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers

50. The logical arrangement of activities within a plan is known as

A. Allocation

B. Distribution

C. Organization

D. Implemention

51. A family consisting of one adult who assumes the roles of both parents is called

A. Single parent family

B. Contracting family

C. Extended family

D. Blended family

52. The empty nest stage is the period when

A. Couple bear children

B. Couple is left alone

C. Couple prepare for parenthood

D.  Couple ask children to leave home

53. A good home Maker takes

A. All decisions in the family

B. Only complex decisions

C. Responsibility of all household activities

D. Responsibility for decisions made

54. Choosing a life partner is a

A. Major decision

B. Minor decision

C. Church decision

D. Parental decision

55. Baby’s clothes should have

A. Flat seams.

B. Dangling belts

C. Elastic binding

D. Short openings

56. The socialization function of the family is very important because it

A. Helps the child to grow fast

B. Gives identity to the child

C. Provides security for the child

D. Is the child’s first school

57. Which of the following bonds can not be broken?

A. Religious ties.

B. Economic ties.

C. Blood ties.

D. Marriage ties.

58. Oil based paints can Best be removed with

A. Carbon tetrachloride

B. Methylated spirit

C. Turpentine

D. Kerosene

59. The onset of menstruation indicates a girl readiness for

A. Marriage

B. Courtship

C. Sexual intimacy

D. Pregnancy

60. Immediately after birth, babies respond to the environment by.

A. Crying

B. Sleeping

C. Coughing

D. Eating

Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers

Paper 2

Answer Four quick only.

1. a. Explain the concept management

b. State five characteristics of management situations

c. Explain five factors that affect management

d. Explain the four types of goals

2. a. Explain female genital mutilation ( FGM)

b. Explain four reasons why some cultures practice female genital mutilation ( FGM)

c. I. State five health problems associated with female genital mutilation

Ii. Suggest five measures to stop the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)

3. a. Explain sanitation

b. State five health principles to be observed to ensure sanitation.

c. Explain five practices that contribute to poor sanitation.

d. Explain Four ways of protecting the housing environment to ensure good health

4. a. Explain investment

b. I. Explain four common characteristics of investment.

Ii. List four common forms of investment.

c. I. State five reasons for investment

Ii. Explain the following terms:

@. Insurance

B. Premium

C. Policy

5. a. I. Identify one type of house design

Ii. Explain renting as a way of acquiring a house

b. State:

i. Five advantages of renting a house

Ii. Five disadvantages of renting a house

c. Explain:

I. Three effects of good housing on the lives of people.

Ii. Three effects of poor housing on the lives of people.

6.a. differentiate between dating and courtship

b. I. List the three forms of dating

Ii. Explain two limitations of dating

c. Explain three importance of premarital counseling

d. Explain four factors that may cause marriage break-u

Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers

Solution to paper 2 .

1.a. explanation of management.

Management means, using available resources wisely to achieve goals or to meet needs and wants of the family.

b. Characteristics of management

-some one must have an idea of what is needed

– some one judges or assesses what is available for use

– some one knows what is likely to happen under certain circumstances

– some one has to bring what is needed at the right time

– some one has to recognize the limitation of what can be done with what is available

c. Factors that affect management

– age of the person: age influence the level of maturity and experience of a person. An adult is more experienced and likely to manage better than an adolescent

– knowledge: knowledge about the quality and quantity of resources availability as well as how to use them affect the success of management.

– health: the health of an individual contributes to the capacity to work and put plans into action

– experience: the More experienced you are, the better you will be able to plan and implement plans with minimum errors

– resources: materials and human resources availability can affect the success of management

– motivators: these influence individuals and families to take actions affect management eg. Goals, events, needs, standards etc.

d. Types of goals

I. Long term goals: they are goals that take relatively long periods of time to be achieved, eg. building a house, getting education etc.

II. Short term goals: they are goals that be  accomplished in a relatively short time eg. Reading a story book.

III. Inter- mediate goals: they are means of achieving long term goals. They take quite some time to accomplish, eg. saving towards building a house.

IV. Means- end goals: they are simple and immediate goals that are set as steps to achieve other goals, eg. Doing homework or studying towards extermination.

2. a. Explanation of female genital mutilation

The removal or cutting away of the external genitalia, clitoris and other parts of the female genital organ.


The removal or cutting of the clitoris and  or other parts of the female genital organ.

b. Reasons for practicing female genital mutilation

-it has aesthetic quality

-it is believed to have hygienic benefits

-To promote cultural identity to make them accepted.

– prepares girl for marriage

– To perpetuate male chauvinism so that men will always be in Authority.

– it is an entrenched cultural practice which is difficult to stop.

– To suppress the sexual urge of females so that they will not be promiscuous

c. I. Health problems associated with FGM

– may cause infertility

– pains during sex.

– risk of infection

– painful menstruation may occur

– persistent pelvic pains

-may results in excessive bleeding which may lead to dead.

– Painful urination

II. Measures to stop FGM

-Government should ensure the enforcement of law against FGM

-communities should be discouraged from abusing uncircumcised girls

– parents should be educated on the negative effects of FGM so that they can protect their girls.

– communities should be educated about dangers involved in FGM.

– people who practice FGM should be sanctioned

– communities should be encouraged to look for healthy alternatives to FGM to mark the passage to womanhood.

– individuals should refuse to celebrate initiation ceremonies for girls.

Wassce Management in-living 2021past questions and answers

Wassce Management In-living 2021 Paper 3

Answer only four questions in this section.

1.a. state two reasons why non- money income is important in meeting family needs.

b. In what three ways can adolescent help increase the family income.

2.a. state five ways of disposing Solid waste in the home.

b. State three effects of poor environmental hygiene

3. a. Explain two importance of storage in the home

b. State four guidelines for achieving storage in the home

4. a. State four important factors to consider when buying labour saving devices

b. State two ways of caring for labour saving devices.

c. State two importance of using curtains in a room.

5. a. Differentiate between floors and floor coverings

b. Describe how to special clean a plain concrete floor.

6. a. Explain the term child neglect.

b. State two causes of child abuse

c. Outline four challenges an abused and neglected child is likely to go through in life.

Management in-living wassce 2021

End of paper

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