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A Lion in Accra Zoo brutalized a young man to death.

A Lion in Accra Zoo brutalized a young man to death, What a Tragic Incident?


According to city news, it is fearfully disheartening that, a vibrant young man in his youthful age and as a great source of human labour died mysteriously following Lion attack. A lion in Accra Zoo killed a very energetic man, so they say.

Redundantly, this event occurred on Sunday, officials Suspect that, the intruder, whose nàme is yet to be mentioned, might have planned to steal the two lion cubs at that time.

The Wildlife officials pronounced that, attempt to steal the young lions has been a major problem since the birth of the cubs in last year September.

The victim climbed the tall Accra zoo at Achimota forest solely to steal the cubs, and as a result was killed by the mother lion?

A Lion in Accra Zoo

Although, this statement seems to be pregnant in meaning, the police are doing their underground investigations to reveal all the hidden secrets behind the scene.


The intruder has been Confirmed death and the body currently at the morgue.


Following this incident, the zoo is currently and temporally closed.

The CEO announced that, no lion was able to escape through the incident.

Some Ghanaians upon hearing this tragedy, predicted that, the victim was rather killed and the body dumped for the lions to feed on.


We are critically doing follow ups to get to the root of the story.

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