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A Renounced Celebrity’s Advice For Married women and potential Married Women.

A renounced celebritys' advice. Picture of a  celebrity Jacky Appiah

A Renounced Celebrity’s Advice For Married women and potential Married Women.


Renounced Celebrity’s Advice For women who have already taken the batum of playing marital roles or the potentially married women. A Short Video Attached.


Consider this carefully in your relationship


A woman have sex because she wants the man.

A man have sex because he wants sex.

You see the difference?

Sex is a physical thing to a man.

But for a woman, sex is both physical and emotional.


A woman can have sex because of love. But a man can have sex because of sex.

Before a woman can have sex with you, she must have feelings for you. She must have that emotionally attachment to you.

A Renounced Celebrity’s Advice

Hardly will you find a woman having sex with a man she does not love. Except if she’s a prostitute.


But for a man, reverse can be the case. A man may have no iota of love for you, and still have sex with you.

This is why a man can hire a prostitute just to have sex. He doesn’t need to love the prostitute before he fulfills his sexual desire.

Now, understand this:

As a woman, a man can use you to feed his sexual desires. He can even give you money. He can take you out. All because he wants sex, not you!


If you want to know if a man truly loves you, don’t give him sex. Sit back and watch.

If he leaves you because you don’t give him sex, then he doesn’t love you. He only loves sex!


A Renounced Celebrity’s Advice

Mothers and potential mothers note this

As you’re growing up and getting closer to the journey of marriage life, please try to understand that you can choose a husband for yourself but your kids can’t choose their own father.


while choosing a father for them please choose a father, a friend, a tutor, a prophet, and a guidance for them.

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And don’t forget that, if you are a good mother, you can raise a hero and not a zero.


Wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made, so think deep, choose your prison mate carefully and sentence yourself wisely, to avoid prison break.

A Renounced Celebrity’s Advice

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