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A Spanish Boy shot both parents and his little sibling to death and has been Jailed for Six years.

A Spanish Boy shot both parents and his little sibling to death and has been Jailed for Six years.


A fifteen years old Spanish boy named Santi  based on security reasons, has shot both  his parents and his ten year old brother to death after.


This horrific incident happened after he was punished by his parents over his poor academic performance.


According to local report, this young adolescent boy admittedly said, he actually shot his parents and young brother to death.


He explained that, his parents normally complain of  his consistent failure in his examinations. They bitterly complain about his poor academic performance in a manner that he feels embarrassed.


A Spanish Boy shot

He also said, this happened for a long time. This behaviour from his parents irritates him but he has no option than to keep quiet until that idea came to him.


According to him, he again had low grades and at this time, his parents decided to punish him. They used this as a yardstick to banned him from watching television shows as well as using the internet.



His parent believed he was wasting much of his time on social media and in watching of television programmes hence his woeful performance.


He said this decision affected him the most. His parents seized his desk top as well as banding him from watching television programmes.


He said, he felt bored out of this and was forced to shoot at them.


A Spanish Boy shot

After the incident happened, he continued and stayed with the bodies for a maximum of three days. They started smelling before people could realize his criminal offence.


He said, out of anger that he did what he did. He took a rifle gun of his grandfather, shot at his mother first because she brought the idea that they should deprive him from watching tv and visiting the internet. Afterwards, he also shot his father and then his younger sibling.


When they asked why he shot at his little brother, he said he did that thinking that, he can not take care of him after his parents death.

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The British law jailed him for six years following his offence. The law could have sentenced him for life imprisonment but he was under age.

A Spanish Boy shot


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