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A Teacher allegedly brutalized 4-students

A Teacher allegedly brutalized 4 students

A Teacher allegedly brutalized 4 students over turning his maize plantation into national stealing competition and training grounds.


A teacher allegedly brutalized 4-Students in a very piteous circumstance   has been apprehended by the police. A professional teacher in his 40s has been arrested by the police after he allegedly butchered one of his students.

This sad incident happened at Wassa Sompre in the Western Region on Wednesday November 30, 2022 around 7:00pm.

Speaking to, eye witnesses said, four(4) male students in the same school with the teacher allegedly went to the teacher’s maize farm to steal some of the maize.


A Teacher allegedly brutalized 4 students

Through a tip-off, the teacher went to the farm to check on his crops only to coincidentally meet these four students in his maize farm.

Immediately they saw the teacher, the students started running while the teacher chases them with his cutlass.


Three(3) out of the four(4) students were able to ran faster than the teacher leaving their colleague behind.

Unfortunately for him, the teacher apprehended him after a hot chase and butchered him.


He cat him deep at his back with his sharp cutlass and attempted finishing him but the crying of the student alarmed nearby residents to come to his aid.

The student is currently receiving treatment at the Dompre hospital while the suspect (teacher) has been arrested by the Police in Wassa Sompre.

This is a wake up call to teachers across all levels of the academic ladder to be extra careful of the way they handle their students.


A little mistake done can jeopardize your entire profession as a whole. Lets handle the students with total care ignoring the correction of their behavioural disorders that tentemant to the tinting us. The law has no regard for any one either.

We lately head a teacher sent five students to his farm and they droned in water and died while crossing a river.

This and many more similar incidence are on the rise.

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