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Abysmal Performance of Teacher Trainers in Licensure Examination Proofed that Most Teachers lack

Abysmal Performance of Teacher Trainer. Picture of ges logo

Abysmal Performance of Teacher Trainers in Licensure Examination Proofed that Most Teachers lack Professionalism- Chief Director of MoE.

The abysmal performance of teacher trainees in the recent licensure examination has created various controvercial topics in education.  It is clear that licencing examination has come to stay. The current performance of teachers in the just ended autonomous licence examination  has forced dignitaries to develop interest in that direction.


The Chief Director of Ministry of Education, Divine Yao Ayidzoe hurtfully made the statement that, most teachers have the highest requisite qualification but lacks simple analogical skills to deal with fundamental academic issues.


In view of this, majority o f the teacher trainees who sat for the resent licensure examination performed woefully to the extend that, every body started talking.
The Director over emphasized that, the total porosity and using dubious means to pass WASSCE is main cause of this whieard challenge.


Abysmal Performance of Teacher Trainer

He said, as a matter of agency, entrance examination would be brought back to help filter applicants qualitatively before admission letters are issue out. He wholeheartedly believed this mechanism will go along way to bring sanity in the educational sector.


Most Ghanaian also perceived the mass failure of the teacher trainees as a deliberate attempt by government to shed responsibility of employing into the government sector since a generic statement was made that government payroll is chocked.


Abysmal Performance of Teacher Trainer

This has force government to directly influence NTC to use strategic means of memicking the results of the licensure examination .

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