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Anti-Gunshot JuJu Failed As Man Shot Himself to Death

Anti-gunshot juju shot himself death: picture

Anti-Gunshot JuJu Failed As Man Shot Himself to


Anti-gunshot juju failed a man during the trial of the fortification. According to to the report, a man who went for spiritual powers in order to withstand gun shot killed himself during the trial.



This incident occured at Agona near Diaso in the Upper Denkyira West District in the Central Region.



This person was only identified by name Enock. Mr. Enock was thirty years of age and had great interest in Spiritism. Based on his unique interest in satanism and spiritism, he went for fortification against bullets with the ideology of incriminating his enemies.

Anti-gunshot juju picture

Anti-Gunshot JuJu Failed

But unfortunately for him, after gaining the spiritual powers, it was mandatory for him to test himself with a life gun to show that, he has actually gained the magical powers perfectly to denote his success in the anti bullet fortification.



During the trial, He eagerly and happily painted the gun on his chest and swiftly pulled the trigger at onces! Kpaa! and it sounded: “Boommm!” He quietly sat down on the floor and lied flat on the ground within a spur of a moment.


Astonishingly, he is death, signifying that, the Fortification charm has failed due to reasons best known to him and the spiritual man.


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Investigations made had it that, spiritual empowerment against gun gullets is the business of the day for the youth in the community.


The youth were then advised to put a halt to this diabolic and barbaric idea of bullet proof fortification they have in mind. They were advised to be prayerful and rely automatically on the creator for his divine powers and  protections, since his fortifications do mot fail.


The deceased is in the mortuary while the police continued with their investigations.

Anti-Gunshot JuJu Failed

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