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Banana healthy Super powers militating against disorders.

Banana healthy Super powers

Bananas are the most important fruits eaten by most people around the globe. Knowing banana healthy Super powers, is a step towards healthy and psychoactive betterment.

Banana performs wonders for the body. It has  limitless benefits in both our physical and physiological lives.

To surprise you all, banana is a blessing fruit which has a healthwise track records in nutrition.

Nutritionist emphasized that, eating one to two fingers of bananas daily, vandalizes any pertinent disorder militating against your cells, especially carcinogens leading to cancers


To get started with the vitamins, banana fruits are a good source of several vitamins and minerals especially potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin c. These vitamins and minerals are the  skeletal frame work of good health.

Banana healthy Super powers

To add to that, it has a significant medicinal benefits. Some of its benefits are mentioned below:

(1) banana fruit is rich in nutrients

(2) insulin sensitivity when unripe


(3)aid in weight lost.

(4) support heart health.


(5)help in digestion.


Strengthens male sex drive

Again, one more important benefits of banana fruit to men is that, the potassium, the main nutrients in banana fruit helps to boost the production of testosterone of the males hormones and improve the libido.

The tryptophan present in the banana helps to increase the secretions of serotonin the hormones that lifts the mood increase the sex drive in men.

One  may ask, how does it help the man to last in bed?

simple,  it helps the man to last longer in bed because of the enzyme called Bromelain.

It support the libido and expand sperms, it does not stores more glucose but rather low level of glucose in the bodies and has males libido enhanced.

It also contains minerals and enzymes making you ready for pleasant night.

Banana healthy Super powers

Skin benefits

Let’s not forget about the skin benefits which is also an important issue at hand. Banana also take care of the skin. It helps eradicate dark spots.

This can be easily done by applying the banana peels on your face and wait for some time before washing it away.

It improves the elasticity of your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Therefore banana fruit has a lot of greater impact on the individual, let make a greater use of the banana fruit.

Love banana as you love your life.

Banana healthy Super powers


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