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Bawumia Speaks to Reflect his biography but has failed for leaving the School he Completed in a lapidated state

Bawumia Speaks to Reflect his biography but has failed to leave legacy to the School he Completed,

 Bawumia Speaks to Reflect his biography but has failed to leave legacy to the School he Completed, said National Democratic Congress in the North East of Ghana.


During “Ghana’s Schools of Shame” programme held on  Joy news, people of NDC in the Northeast admittedly said “Bawumia Speaks to Reflect his biography but has failed to leave legacy  in the School he has Completed.


According to them, Bawumia has failed to address educational problems in the Northeast Region of Ghana, most importantly, schools without infrastructure making learners to sit on the floor for studies.



North East Regional communications officer, A A Gafaru was contacted, he Sorrowfully but clearly stated that,  as if it is coincident for people to mention that the vice president of the republic of Ghana is from North East Region.



The poor standard of living in the Region is highly unbearable. The poverty level of the region is far beyond repairs.
According to them, Bawumia named alot to do to uplift and sustain the integrity of the region, but guess what? poverty is killing them.


The Region lacks basic necessities of life like; portable water, roads, hospitals, Schools and a lot more.


According to them, it is pathetic to mention that the region in which the vice president is coming from, over 34,000 school children are without desks to sit on.



These pupils sit on the bare floor during instructional hours.
Besides, most of the schools lack infrastructure of which the vice president promised to restore. They are asking the vice president whether all that he promised them were canpaign promises to win votes.


They are extremely astonished and on a more humanitarian grounds reminding him that, a decorated monkey is always a monkey. He can not shed off north east from his linage.


He should watch the flash back at all times when he was a mere ordinary citizen. The schools and community that made him whom he is today has being in a worse state, setting death traps for students.


the people of the community are so devastated and irritated because of his action towards them regardless of the countless promises he made.


In the run up 2016 he donated some reasonable number of desks to schools in the region creating the optical illusion that, he is proactive and determined to do more.


Kojo Yankson on 2nd Mach, 2016 made a statement that ” government has reneged on his obligations hence his philanthropic gesture has inculcated self demean and embarrassment” On this day, sorrowfully, at your door step and under your watch as the second in command of mother Ghana, Northeast Basic Schools are tinted with infrastructure deformation to the extend that, a reasonable number of school children are studying on the bare floor, said people of Northeast.


Bawumia Speaks to Reflect his biography but has failed to leave legacy to the School he Completed,

Dont forget that at the end of the academic year these children are going to compete with roman Ridge
Basic School and the like in the external exams. Would it be fair enough to evaluate them as failures if they couldn’t perform?


Most Ghanaians believed that we are in the mess. Indeed, the back turn of the lion is not a sign of surrender, it want to pervert, gather courage and momentum to move with a higher acceleration with the greatest damaging power to seize and dismantle its prey. That is what Bawumia has depicted to the people of Northeast, said A.A Gafaru.



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