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BECE 2022 Likey Questions and Answers for Candidates

BECE 2022 Communication Technology. Picture of students

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The Best Way to Build the New Africa of Our Dreams*


Each one of us is busily looking for our individual winning; even if this winning means to running down over all the other members of our society. This is just what we see on daily basis at all levels of our society: from the politician who holds the state power to the ordinary man in the street hustling for his next meal; we have all nearly become selfish and no one thinks positively of the interests of our society which we collectively belong.

This shows how hungry we have become after being starved of power and recognition for such a long time. Though we have been starved for such a long time, we must not forget that we are humans with rationality and ability to reason, we must know that our individual winning cannot be sustained unless that results bound in a collective successful of our society.

After several years of standing on the capitalist principles of competing among ourselves, why not pausing for a minute to ask ourselves: is that the African way? Can this act of *competition* over *cooperation* build any sustainable society for our next generations? In fact, all our past golden ages came as a result of cooperation among our Ancestors not through competition.

In Africa, we know that wherever there is a winner there is a loser: hence, we build our society on a principle of cooperation that will bring collective successes. This is the African way of Obutu.

Yes, in Africa we do not compete, we cooperate; and we do not win, but we succeed!

Join the African Continental Unity Party -ACUP let us build this Africa of our Ancestors for ourselves and for our future generations.

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