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BECE Candidates Received Free Koko party, Free food, free buses etc.

Bece candidates received. Pictures of students, with food and a bus in the scene

BECE Candidates Received Free Koko party, Free Breakfast, free buses and many more from a Good Samaritan.



The current BECE candidates received Sponsorship of breakfast, and transportation services and many more. All these activities were taken care of by some individuals with good spirits.



This opportunity came as a surprise to the BECE candidates as they never taught of getting such a privilage. The commencement of this years BECE which kicked of on 17th October, 2022 came as a shock to some candidates.



Out of fear and panic we were notified about some students horrifically easing themselves in class. As some students were joyously writing, some few students were incapacitated and unable to prepare adequately hence started trembling.

The chief of Volga Region of Ghana specifically at Tanyigbe surprised the BECE candidates in his community. Chief Togbe Kodi Adiko IV wholeheartedly, took the risk to provide free breakfast and transportation services to these candidates sitting for The Basic Education Certificate Examination.

BECE Candidates Received Free Koko party,

The chief in his commence stated that, as a matter of encouragement, he always accompany the students to their centers to deepen their spirit so that they will feel relaxed and write the examination with joy and total comfort. He said, he is doing all these out of his own enthusiasm and humanitarianism.



But unfortunately this year, he is not at home to escot the pupils to their various examination centers. Even that, he organized a zoom meeting and vividly encouraged them to gather momentum and write the exams without fear or favour.



In order to substitude his inability to escot them to the exams centre, he organized a free breakfast, free buses and alot more for them. This he believed will fill their hearts with love and harmony. Reverent Nestor Agbenyega appeared there as in person to ensure cleanliness of the scene.



The Reverent Minister gave out a wonderful prayer by binding and casting every manipulations of the enemy as well as any power that will exhort itself above the knowledge of God. Chief Togbe Kodi Adiko made available these items and services to every single soul who appeared there as a candidate: new mathematical set, free breakfast and free buses to convey them to their centers and  back home till Friday.

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BECE Candidates Received Free Koko party,

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