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Become super intelligent pass exams excellently with ease


Do you know that, there are alot we can do consciously to improve our memories? Become super intelligent pass exams excellently

Scientifically, the brain contains millions of neuron transmitters. These neuron transmitters transmit or send  impulses to the brain for interpretation and the right action  taken either voluntarily or involuntarily. Natural ways to become super intelligent, pass your exams :


1.  taking coffee regularly. Become super intelligent pass exams

No wonder coffee is one of the most widely taken beverages across the globe. Coffee is super healthy and nourishes the brain with powerful antioxidants. Coffee protects the brain cells against destruction by free radicals or inflammation. Become super intelligent pass exams





 How coffee stops addiction . become super intelligent pass your exams

It speeds up the communication between the left and right chambers of the brain. Coffee changes the neuron plasticity. Neurons Spike fire frequently and faster than before after taking coffee


This helps you to think deeper and focus with less effort. Scientist revealed that, taking four to five cups of  coffee daily is more healthier for the body. Coffee is a food for the heart, and it’s capable of:

1. destroying cancer cells,

2.promoting blood circulation

3. making you smarter and More creative.


2. Using  green tea. Become super intelligent pass exams

Are you a fun of green tea? If yes! this is a good news for you. Green tea is a special tea that makes the brain to work Powerfully and in a more advanced way. Green tea contains flavanoids which is an essentially melatonin for osmoregulatory activities of the body.


It contains antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It maintains the boyancy of the brain cells thereby increasing alertness.


Mechanism of action

It ensures full supply of blood to the brain increasing mental accuracy and prossessing abilities. This is better taken prior to handling more challenging or suphisticated tasks. Makes you think critically and forms complex taught patterns. You can easily analyse issues and take concrete decisions devoid of misleading or negativities. Makes you look more healthier, younger and smarter. It improves your communication abilities in a more advanced way.



3. Mindfulness Meditation as brain booster become super intelligent pass exams excellently 

Meditarians explain meditation as calming the mind. There is enough evidence from scientific perspective to support the fact that meditation is a great weapon for intellectual development.


How meditation works

Meditation calms down the brain and soul helping you to deal with life even more easier. It takes you into a state of consciousness fully aware of the happenings. This helps the brain cells to gain enough oxygen and expand appreciably.


Create regular routine with meditation to beat addiction

More new brain cells are produced through meditation making the brain work faster to process information in a more vibrant way than before. You Can easily control your emotions as well. This shows why most millionaires are good mediators.



4. Eat brain foods. Do you know these brain foods? So amazing! become super intelligent pass exams excellently.

Food is the building block of our body. For all the systems and organs to work well, you have to supply the body with the right nutrients at their right proportions


Foods such as green vegetables, apples, honey, avocado, omega-3 fatty acids which are found in sardines, mickrel and other oily fishes are all brain foods that protect the brain and prevent brain fog.


Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits should be part of our diet. They nourish the brain cells and tissues and this help the brain to easily maintain and sustain it’s chemical balance.


The antioxidants in green vegetables enhance osmoregulation and transport system in our body. They also facilitate the mechanisms of Krebs cycle and glycolysis in the body.



5. Do you exercise? How often do you exercise? Become super intelligent pass exams excellently.

Exercise is the food for the brain and the Soul. It strengthens hormonal functions. This reduce brain fog and improves concentration and fitness.


Exercise ensures The work of the lymphatic system and consequently blood circulation. As a result, the brain waves increase which means more dopamine will be Produce.


This makes decision making easier and refreshing.



Frequently exercising is key

Frequent exercising will make you smarter than before. The important thing is the consistency. Note, you must consider your health status before engaging in any exercise.


6. Hydration of the body. Drinking of water and eating of enough fruits become super intelligent pass exams excellently 

Water is life! It regulates the internal body temperature and Flashes out toxins. It facilitates the absorption of food nutrients. Drinking water regularly makes sure our vital organs and systems work well.


Subconscious mind or memory awareness. 

This helps the subconscious mind to function well. Fruits also contain fluids needed by the body immenselessly.


Some of these fruits contain vitamin K which is capable of ensuring the survival of brain cells and cognitive performance. This helps the body to adjust to stress, strains and challenges of life in a more natural way.


Natural ways to stop addiction and improve life

7. Reading and relaxation. How often do you read?

Only few people understand this magic. The more you read the better your horizons are opened.


You may come across more challenging issues, but dealing with those challenges will not only reform you but also will transform you. You think faster and speak with alot of maturity.


The coodination between the long term memory and short term memory will be fine. Try to relax well through sleep. Relaxation brings clarity to the brain and makes the cells healthy.


Know that, nothing comes easily. Every change is difficult. It demands hard work, perseverance and endurance to wine the battle. 

Note that,  consistency in behavioral change is 90% solution to the problem at hand face. Become super intelligent, pass your exams







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