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Behind Every Successful Man, there is a wonderful but powerful woman

Behind Every Successful Man, there is a wonderful but powerful woman

No matter how bias you may be, this

story adheres to the fact that we need

the support of each othèr to climb the

ladder of life. Therefore, it makes sense

to always consider that, categorically,

behind every successful man, there is the need of  having a reliable and highly responsible woman.



The story goes

A group of tourists once visited a

crocodile farm and they were in a

floating structure in the middle of the crocodile lake!

The owner of the farm shouted:

“Whoever jumps into the water and

swims to shore, will receive 10 million

dollars. The silence was deafening.

Suddenly, a man jumped into the water.

He was chased by crocodiles, but with

great luck he was unharmed. The owner

announced: “We have a winner!!!”.

After receiving their reward, the man

and his wife returned to the hotel room.

The man tells his wife: “I did not jump in

by myself … Someone pushed me !!!”

Behind Every Successful Man,

His wife smiled and said coldly: “It was


I gently pushed you knowing clearly

your ambitions and the industriousness

caliber you have, you dont give up

easily in life. You always try to be the

best among the rest or to be among the

best. Upon knowing all these magical

qualities of a honey like you, i vividly

believed that, you can swim across the

shore not withstanding the fearful

nature of the crocodiles.

Moral of the story: “Behind every

successful man, there is always a

woman to give him a little push”.


No doubt, Relating this to our wealthily

life, most couple who work together

wholeheartedly and in comfort and

satisfaction predominantly sail easily

through the boat of life. Not

withstanding the stress, strain and

challenges of life, united we stand,

divided we fall.

You may need a little push to keep

moving despite the fact that, you may be

the Solomon of the house.


Behind Every Successful Man,

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