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Best brain mock examination science questions and answers


Best brain mock examination science questions and answers_

Best brain science mock examination questions and answers

The answers the bolded letters

1. Which of the following area of study is applied science?
A. Chemistry
B  Medicine
C. Biology
D. Physics

2. The newton is the unit for measuring
A. volume
B. mass
C. weight
D. area

3. The nucleus together with the cytoplasm of a living cell is called
A. cytoplasm
B. chloroplast
C. protoplasm
D. nucleoplasm

4. The degree of hotness or coldness of a body is referred to as its
A. heat capacity
B. temperature
C. internal energy
D. melting point

5. The word meniscus refers to the
A. volume of a liquid
B. mass of a liquid
C. density of a liquid
D. curved surface of a liquid

6. Which of the following is a derived unit?
A. Meter
B. Kilogram
C. Newton
D. Second

7. Which of the following protects the flower during the bud stage?
A. corolla
B. pistil
C. calyx
D. carpel

8. How many atoms are there in 3C3H4O3 (three molecules of pyruvate)
A. 13
B. 24
C. 30
D. 6

9. Which of the following substances can exist in all the three states of matter?
A. Petrol
B. Palm oil
C. Milk
D. Water

10. Which of these instruments is used to measure density of alcohol?
A. thermometer

B. alcohol recorder
C. hydrometer
D. hygrometer

Best brain mock examination science questions and answers

11. When a piece of candle is heated, it changes from
A. liquid to gas
B. liquid to flame
C. solid to liquid
D. solid to gas

12. The basic unit of matter is the
A. atom
B. compound
C. element
D. ion

13. The following are components of a fertile soil except?
A. Air
B. Water
C. Humus
D. Gravels

14. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
A. weight
B. Force
C. mass
D. magnitude

15. Vector quantity has both magnitude and..
A. speed
B. mass
C. density
D. direction

16. The process whereby soil is formed by the breakdown of rocks is called
A. erosion
B. weathering
C. fertilization
D. Leaching

17. Which of the following transports manufactured food substances from the leaves to the entire plant?
A. Stomata
B. Chlorophyll
C. Xylem
D. Phloem

18. Care must be taken to avoid bringing a naked flame near substances that are
A. combustible
B. corrosive
C. magnetic
D. toxic

19. The biological process that helps plants to loss water to the atmosphere is called..
A. humidity
B. capillarity
C. transpiration
D. evaporation

20. Which of the following is a drupe?
A. mango
B. orange
C. apple
D. pear

Best brain mock examination questions and answers

21. The force of attraction between molecules of different substances is called
A. gravity
B. weight
C. Adhesive force
D. cohesive force

22. The first step to take when there is an electrical fault is to
A. call the fire service
B. switch off the electrical main supply
C. vacate the place
D. pack out your luggage

23. All the following are parasitic plants except
A. cassytha
B. mistletoe
C. dodder
D. capsid

24. The physical property that refers to how rough or smooth a soil is, is known as
A. capillarity
B. air content
C. water holding ability
D. texture

25. The chemical formula for aluminum oxide is represented as AlxOy. The values of x and y are respectively
A. 3 and 2
B. 3 and 1
C. 1 and 3
D. 2 and 3

26. One benefit of technology to industrialization is
A. environmental pollution
B. reduction in skillful labor
C. provision of machinery
D. increase in cost of production of goods

27. Which of the following examples of fertilizers improves soil texture?
A. Compost
C. Sulphate of ammonia
D. Urea

28. An example of soil minor nutrient is
A. calcium
B. iron
C. nitrogen
D. phosphorus

29. Which of the following is a non-flowering plant
A. bride of Barbados
B. pawpaw
C. Fern
D. flamboyant

Best brain mock examination science questions and answers

30. An object will float in water if it has
A. Density less than water
B. Density equal to water
C. Density greater than water
D. Weight greater than water

31. pressure in liquids depends on

A. mass of liquid

B. density of liquid

C. colour of liquid

D. viscosity of liquid

32. An example of a noble gas is

A. chlorine

B. neon

C. nitrogen

D. oxygen

33. The structure that stores sperms temporarily in the male reproductive system of humans is

A. epididymis

B. scrotal sac

C. sperm duct

D. testes

34. Which of the following properties of alcohol as a thermometric liquid is correct?

A. its opaque

B. It does not wet glass

C. It has a very low freezing point

D. It has a high freezing point

35. In which of the following vegetation zones of Ghana does millet and sorghum grow well?

A. Coastal savannah

B. Forest zone

C. Guinea savannah

D. Transition zone

36. Which of the following methods is/are used for preserving fish?

I. Canning

II. Frying

III.  Smoking

A. I only

B. I and II only

C. II and III only

D. I, II and III

37. Which of the following practices in the home can prevent disease infection?

A. Covering one’s food

B. Drinking unclean water

C. Keeping one’s surroundings untidy

D. Sharing towels and sponges

38. An example of a semi-metal is

A. calcium

B. lithium

C. silicon

D. sodium

39. Which kind of energy transformation takes place in an electric motor?

A. Chemical energy to electrical energy

B. Chemical energy to mechanical energy

C. Electrical energy to light energy

D. Electrical energy to mechanical energy

40. Lactic acid fermentation occurs in the

A. white blood cells

B. skin cells

C. muscle cells

D. tissue cells

Best brain mock examination science questions and answers

Practicals. Best brain mock examination science questions and answers
Answer all questions in this section for 25marks
a) Study the diagrams carefully and answer the questions that follow;

I. identify structure X and Y above 2marks
II. name the parts labelled A, B, C, D, E and F 3marks
III. State three differences between X and Y 3marks
IV. State three similarities between X and Y 3marks
V. what pigment is found in structure X 2mark
VI. what is the function of this pigment 2mark

b. The diagrams below illustrate an experimental set-up on a physical property of soil. Study the set-up carefully and answer the questions that follow

Best brain mock examination science questions and answers

i. identify soil K, L and M 3marks
ii. State the aim of the experiment 1marks
iii. Give three characteristics of soil L 3marks
iv. Identify the soil with;
w. the highest water holding capacity 2marks
x. the highest capillarity 2marks
y. good soil profile 2marks
z. good texture and structure 2marks

Answer only four (4) questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks
1a. i. A stone of mass 80.0g was gently dropped into measuring cylinder containing water. If the level of the water rose from 78cm3 marks to 80.0cm marks. Calculate the density of the stone. 3marks
b. What is density? 2marks
c. Explain why a steel ship would float on water but a needle will sink 2marks
d. State three (3) differences between mass and weight 3marks

2a. What is mass? 2marks
b. State three importance of soil profile 3marks
c. State the SI unit for the following quantities:
amount of substance
temperature }2marks
iv. Explain why water wet glass 3marks

3a.i. Draw a simple flower and label the parts 4marks
ii. List the organic components of soil 2marks
iii. Give the symbols for the following:
x. molybdenum }2marks
z. manganese
b. explain how to determine the volume of irregular object like stone 2marks

4ai. Differentiate between fertilization and pollination 2marks
ii. Mention three differences between insect pollinated flower and wind pollinated flower 3marks
iii. State three adaptations of self-pollinated flowers 2marks
iv. with the aid of diagrams state the molecular arrangements of the states of matter 3marks

Best brain mock examination science questions and answers

5a. i. explain first aid and give one function 2marks
b. Explain the following:
condensation }6marks
b. give one substance each associated with the following hazards:
i. toxic
ii. Flammable
iii. Corrosive } 2marks
iv. Oxidizing

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