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Bloody Fight between Asanteman Senior High School and Bantama Adventist Senior High School

Bloody Fight between Asanteman Senior High. Picture os the students

Bloody Fight between Asanteman Senior High School and Bantama Adventist Senior High School.


There existed Serious bloody fight between Asanteman Senior High School and Bantama Adventist SHS on 11th December, 2022. Seasonal games between neighbouring Schools which is meant to establish strong bond and unity among students has been misconstrued in the other way round.


Flexible School games particularly, is meant to establish peaceful and healthy coexistence in schools.

On the contrary, Asanteman SHS and Bantama SHS revolved the basicity of the ultimate aim of school games from a mere entertainment to another insignificant and scary level.


These two schools are located in the same geographical area. As a matter of sensitizing the community and fully publicizing the love and care anong the two schools, management from both sides agreed for a refreshment games between the two schools after they have written  their end of semester examinations.


Bloody Fight between Asanteman Senior High

According to anonymous eye witness, during the game section, Adventist SHS Scored a wonderful goal to the disadvantage of Asanteman SHS. The game continued for a while but Asanteman SHS could not score a goal.


Tension started setting in when Adventist scored from panelty shoot out against Asanteman. They became devastated and so irritated that, they lost control of temper.


They started playing wicked game that clearly depicted anger and seriousness. However, it was about 20 minutes to the end of game, Adventist decided to halt the game based on how uncontrollable and furious the sister school school was paying.



This took away the jocular aspect of the the school away leading to high exacerbation power. Asanteman SHS initiated the throwing of stones against Bantama Adventist, this aggrevated to a more serious fight, after one boy of Adventist SHS was hurt badly out of the stone-throw. The boy was hospitalized at emergency room immediately he was sent to the municipal hospital.


This kept on becoming serious untill military personals covered the School. Under the police excourt, Adventist SHS left the scene as quickly as possible to their campus. Management members together with the police are doing follow up investigations to get to the bottom root of the matter.


involved in a serious

Bloody Fight between Asanteman Senior High

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