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Can I Change My School Placement to Another School?

Can I Change My School Placement to Another School?

Can I Change My School Placement to Another School?



School Placement is the most critical stage in ones life when climbing the academic ladder. The school you attended and the course you studied in the Senior High School has the tendency to refine and define you. One common question that students ask is “Can I Change My School Placement to Another School?” Well you get adequate answer here.



Due to how sensitive this stage is, parents are advised to take their wards through the process thoroughly and clearly explain the consequences to them. By so doing parents must take into consideration the talent, strength and weakness of their wards in a holistic manner.



Fortunately, the placement system which was just released on Wednesday 2023 was discussed extensively by the GES representatives pertaining to the challenges that are likely to arise and the best strategies for rectifying those challenges.


1. I was not placed at all even though I passed.


The placement system is opened to all. Those who were not placed at all yet they passed are obliged to do self placement on Ghana Education Service Portal thus, .
One can also visit the internet cafe for guidance. In doing the optional placement, one can change schools as many as possible until the final selection is submitted to the desired school.



2. I was placed in Grammar School or pure senior high school, can I change to TVET schools?
Yes! One is given the option to convert freely from grammar school to Technical Vocational Education and Training. How do I do this? One is obliged to visit the district or regional educational office for the changes to be done. Besides, those closer to Greater Accra Region can visit the GNAT office for the changes to be done successfully.




3. I was given Boarding School but want to change to day!
Another category of change which is permitted is changing from Boarding to Day. One can go through the neccessary processes either at the districts education office, Regional education office and GNAT office at Accra for the conversion to be done.






4. In case I was not placed because I did not pass; what can I do? According to The Secretariat of Free Senior High School, if no placement option is available to a student on the placement portal due to inadequate performance during the BECE; then this person can not go to school this year. One have to wait and register NOVDEC.
That is the only option available.



6. I had a single grade but was not placed in any school. This could have been a computerize challenge hence one can go ahead and do self placement or visit the various Education offices or GNAT office.




7. Can I change from grammar school to STEM school? Yes! But that, depends on the person’s grade. One must pass well.




8. I was placed in a Day school, can I change to Boarding School? Currently there is no opportunity for one to change from Day school to Boarding School.



9. I was paced in technical or STEM school, can I change to Grammar school? This window is also closed because most technical and STEM schools are empty hence they rather want studies to occupy those areas or schools.




10. I had a single number but I was placed in my 3rd school. Yes this is highly possible because, looking at the competitive nature of grade “A” schools, You may get single grade but not necessarily gettingĀ  your first choice. The ideology is that the overall ground total of the student’s scores is used to determine placement. If You get 85% and another person also scores 96%. Privilege will be given to the one who had the 96%.



Immediately you miss your first choice, it is quiet easy to miss the second choice also. The brain behind this is that, your second choice can only be given to you after considering those who chose that school as their first choice. If those who chose that school as their first choice equate the number the school needed then you will miss your second choice similarly to your third choice even though you passed well.



11. Can I change my course? Changing of course is very flexible. It can be changed even at the school level for you.

Note that, if your issue is very critical, it is better you visit Accra for the necessary action. You can call this office line for assistance:


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