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Cancelation of 2022 BECE Results or Papers: Five Urgent Reasons.

Cancelation of 2022 BECE Results or Papers: Five Urgent Reasons.



Cancelation of 2022 BECE Papers or Results should be as keen to candidates planning to set for their external examination on Monday. WAEC has given the root reasons that deem it necessary for one’e results or papers to be cancelled.



There are very tough and discipline rules and regulations instituted by West African Examinations Council and Ghana Examination Board to dignify external examinations.



The turning point of one’s educational life starts from the consequences of his or her external examination results. WAEC as a body does not give a therm by compromising its solid regulations when one acts contrary to them.



NoThe team has different strategies  for addressing different offences to ensure orderliness and cleanliness in conducting examinations to help emanate with high quality results universally accepted by all around the globe.


Cancelation of 2022 BECE Results

For many years of experience in setting, marking and supervising examinations as well as amending issues regarding to examination redundancy,  WAEC has outlined the most common but well notable causes of cancellation of one’s result.



Technically speaking, these strategies are in conformity with the standardized procedures of Ghana Education Service in monitoring and evaluation of students performance.


Dominant habits subjected to the cancelation of ones results.


1. Answer booklet deformation.

The most rear but common reason for ones results to be cancelled is when one lackadaisically remove one or more of the sheets from the answer booklet. Under no circumstance should one remove a sheet or tear any part of the answer booklet.


The answer booklet has its pages sequentially numbered. Any distortion will make it null and void. If a candidate give wrong answer to a question and later notice it, he or she is advised to cross out  the work gently but not to remove or tear away that part.



Cancelation of 2022 BECE Results

2.Omission of very important personal information to be provided on the answer booklet.

Failure to write your name or index number on your booklet is a risky offence. Per experience, always shade your index number and legibly write your name on the authorized position before the commencement of the exams or before making any attempt to answer the questions. Incase this order is violated, WAEC has no option than to cancel your paper.


An Examiner who will mark that script is forced to write a report on what he or she say.The report is endorsed by the subject officer then the Regional Exams Officer before forwarding the findings to National Head Quarters for a very appropriate decision to be taken.



3. Being Caught with a foreign material.

Foreign material like paper sent to the examination hall demands report writing by the officer in charge or the invigilator to be accompanied by what ever material the candidate was coping from for officers to conjure and expatiate the penalization mechanism to be mended on such a person. This offence mostly calls for cancellation of that very paper.



Cancelation of 2022 BECE Results

4. Peeping into an examination hall with technological or scientific tool capable of storing information or generating information externally.


A typical example is the use of mobile phones, scientific calculator with in-built memory for storing information, Digital watches operating with analogue engines, portable digital cameras that can store data and any other equivalent information Communication Technological tool.


This attitude escalates the cancelation of the exact paper one is writing and all the already written papers. The person is further suspended from writing external examinations in the country for a maximum of five years.


Cancelation of 2022 bece results.

5. Duplication of answers concurrently.

This is when a group of candidates vomit out verbatimely the same answers. This happens when answers are mention to students. The unwise ones pour out the same thing word for word and even in a situation whereby a name is used, the whole student body will  mention the same name.

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This may cause suspension of results and consequently followed by cancelation. if similar thing happens in all the papers, then the entire results of that class or group will be cancelled.

Cancelation of 2022 BECE Results

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