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Cancelation of Specified NTC Licensure Examination for the substitution of Subject Based Examination for issuance of License

Cancelation of Specified NTC Licensure Examination. Picture of college of education building

Cancelation of Specified NTC Licensure Examination for the substitution of Subject Based Examination for issuance of License


In the nut shell, the generic licensure Examination periodically organized and supervised by National Teaching Council is eventually going to be the thing of the past. Is the Cancelation of specified ntc licensure examination real? Yes!


The ranking member of the parliamentary committee in conjunction with Education emphatically and vividly stated with the highest enthusiasm that, urgent mechanisms are institutionalized to help review the ongoing licensure examinations engineered by the National Teaching Council starting from 2023.


The core mandate of the licensure examination has therefore gone through amendment to meet the current trend of our education system.


Cancelation of Specified NTC Licensure Examination

Starting from 2023, all qualified candidates are henceforth, going to write the licensure examination as a subject based examination.


During his delivery, he lamented on the fact that it may sound awkward for a technically inclined teacher to be examined in mathematics to determine the capability and professionalism of such a teacher.


It is absolutely unfair and irrational, he added.
He said, in this new category yet to be implemented, someone who studies technical drawing needed to be examined in areas which have direct correlation with what the fellow studied in the tertiary.


It is not going to be the normal literacy, numeracy and essential skills serving as bondage for most teachers. Mr. Nortsu Kotoe, The Director of Ghana Education Service, said this on Thursday 16th December, 2022 to the Committee and The Director General for National Teaching Council (NTC), Dr Christian Addai Poku.


Cancelation of Specified NTC Licensure Examination

This issue pooped up during the  inspection of the recently released teacher licensure examination results at the Accra College of Education auditorium.


Licensing of teachers was first introduced into education or teaching sector by Government of Ghana in 2019 in accordance with 1992 constitution of Ghana precisely, 2008 Educational Act of Ghana.

The maiden examination began on September, 2018 .
According to policy markers, this is a steeping stone to help improve the quality of education in Ghana and to make the sector regain its lost reputation .

Mr Kwabena Amankwah Asiamah, the over all chairman of the committee urged teachers to ignore the conspiracies and what ever transpired during and after the released of the license examination.

He urged Teachers to prepare very well and note that, what happened is a thing of the past


Cancelation of Specified NTC Licensure Examination

He added that, The license certificate serves as the number one key requirement or guarantee to help  any potential teacher gain visa to teach  outside world hence should be patronized.

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