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Cannabis mass production legalization by Authorities.

Authorities to legalize the approval of mass production of Cannabis.


The medicines control authority has given the greenlight for the use of cannabis base complementary, paving way for mass production of cannabis in the country. Cannabis mass production legalization


From the incident currently at Zimbabwe, Health professionals and  some Ghanaians celebrities opted for the legalization of medicinal cannabis production based on its numerous significance in the medicines department.

Cannabis mass production legalization

According to MCAG, In licensing  cannabis, cannabis producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters and pharmaceutical companies intended to sell cannabis products are required to apply for registration before they could start the distribution of cannabis products.

Cannabis mass production legalization

In a statement, MCAG acting director said, they were receiving assessing applications for approval of cannabis based products as complementary medicine before the mass production is considered after parliament approval.

The director said, there will be a satisfactory inspection of the manufacturing processes to ensure compliance with manufacturing practices.

Cannabis mass production legalization

Meanwhile, necessary steps will be taken to limit it supply.
It should be noted that, the laws restricting cannabis usage are still in enforcement. Cannabis should only be used when needful based on proper prescriptions. Anyone who goes against the Narcotic Control Board’s orders, will find himself wanting, added by the Narcotic Control Board.

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