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Car Crashed Lawyers in tears, as a Little Girl was Dressed Like A priestesses to Career Day at school

Car Crashed Lawyers in tears.picture of a little girl

Car Crashed Lawyers in tears, as a Little Girl was Dressed Like A priestesses to Career Day at school.

Career day is an event created to inform students about the careers available to them in the job market.This day is an important day where parents who are not will to do even go for loans in order to make their children presentable for the occasion.


Students during the career day event get the opportunity to meet community workers, interact with them and also dress in attires relating to their desired future careers.


Car Crashed Lawyers in tears.

A young girl probably between the ages of 2 and 6 years old has been dressed like a fetish priestess, and many social media users after coming across this video couldn’t keep mute over it.


According to the person who posted the video on social media, her mother dressed her like this for her school career day. This means that the mother is a fetish priestess and she wants her daughter to also be a fetish priestess. He added that, a family member should have given the mother loan to dress this beautiful girl appropriately.




Car Crashed Lawyers in tears.

The little girl was crying uncontrollably as she feels uncomfortable in the outfit. Some Ghanaians after coming across this photo said this is a shame.

How can a mother dress her daughter like this even though the child doesn’t feel okay with what her mother wants her to become? Children should be allowed to choose any career they want and not be forced into it.


What is your view about this woman and the manner in which she dressed the girl? People believed she needed to go for a loan to enable her dress this girl for this day.

However, in life, one man’s meat os another man’s poison! The woman appear to to have seen any thing wrong with the way she dressed her daughter.

Source: Opera news

Car Crashed Lawyers in tears.

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