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Child Education built on talent teaches Skills learning. video

Child Education built on talent teaches Skills learning. video

Child Education built on talent teaches Skills learning. video



Children learn mostly by the acts of observation and imitation. In view of this, Child Education built on talent also teaches Skills learning.



Different children have different skills, interest, abilities and capabilities in all walks of life.

Education must focus on bringing out or helping to identify the intrinsic talents planted in each and every child. Afterwards, groom those bright skills in them and further nurture them to pave way for building their careers.



Child Education built on talent with the requisite guidance and motivation is the driven force to build children further.


The issue is fundamentally clear, Parents, teachers and government have segregated roles to play in achieving this.



Parents need to have time with their wards most often than not. They have to engage them in variety of activities to pinpoint their interest and talents areas. This will help encourage them polish those talents towards their goals attainment in life. This issue is not simplistic at all because, at the early stages of development, children exhibit their talents especially when playing with peers.


Teachers can also help to do this magic work though very tedious. As the teacher engages the children in learning activities, they can specify the areas of interest of the children. This can only be effective if the curriculum is in line with the expected behaviours.



Government and curriculum planners must take into consideration the psychology of the child. The curriculum should provideĀ  flexibility to allow children to explore. Practical and well as career oriented programmes have to be incorporated into the system.


Talents means alot to child School and identifying them and working on them should be the way to go. mode of acquiring Education is not only through teaching but also by Observation especially if talent persist the teacher does very little.


For instant, a child who is interested in music or entertainment should be given the plateform to exhibit his or her skills and if possible encourage to perform better.


Child Education built on talent teaches Skills learning. video

Watch what this wonderful girl is displaying in school during music and dance lesson. The kind of energy and enthusiasm she is employing at her age shows that she really has the talent in entertainment. This child needs to be guided with the rightful tools and materials and her future would be bright. Watch Video here

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