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Child Health Nursing Paediatric for.student Nursing (BECE Education)

Child Health Nursing Paediatric for.student Nursing (BECE Education)

Child Health Nursing Paediatric for.student Nursing (BECE Education)



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Child Health Nursing Paediatric for.student Nursing (BECE Education)

1. A baby starts to run at the age of ?

A. Nine months

B. Seven months

C. Eighteen months

D. Fifteen months







An. C. Eighteen months

At 18 months old, your toddler may be able to get up with a bit speed when he is toddling but running will take all his concentration. He will be able to run in a straight line and wont be able to run around obstacles which get in his way.


2. Hirschsprung’s diseases is mostly associated with?

A. Pyloric stenosis

B. Down syndrome

C. Tuberculosis

D. Tuberculosis







An. B. Down syndrome

Hirschsprung’s diseases is a congenital condition in which the rectum and other parts of the colon fail to develop a normal system of nerves leading to accumulation of faeces in the colon following birth.


3. A baby presents the following features; ear pain, irritability, excessive, crying and pulling or rubbling the ear, the baby is suffering from?

A. Otitis media

B. Deafness

C. Sinusitis

D. Brain tumor








An. A. Otitis media



3. Which of the following is not a sign related to hydrocephalus?

A. Bulging fontanelle sign

B. Macewen’s sign

C. Setting Sun sign

D. Homan’s sign







An. D. Homan’s sign

In hydrocephalus, access fluid accumulated causes the fontanelle to  bulge.

Macewen sign or macewen’s sign is a sign used to diagnosis hydrocephalus and Brain abscess.

Homan’s sign is a sign of deep vein thrombosis.



5. Which of the following is not a sign of a cerebral palsy ?

A. Scissors gait

B. Opisthotonic positioning

C. Toe Walking

D. Brudzinski sign










An. D. Brudzinski sign

Cerebral palsy is a medical condition caused by brain damage before or after early birth which causes loss of control of legs and arms. It occurs before age five. Children who are five years old or more can not be affected by cerebral palsy.



6. Which of the following is a sign of developmental dysplasia of hip?

A. Ortolani sign

B. Brudzinski sign

C. Homan’s sign

D. Both  B and C










An. A. Ortolani sign

A positive ortolani sign is noted if the hip is dislocated by a characteristic clunk that is felt at the femoral head acetabulum is reduced.
7. A ribbon-like stool is seen which disease condition

A. Neonatal jaundice

B. Marasmus

C. Hirschsprung’s disease

D. Polio









An. C. Hirschsprung’s disease

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