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Close All Schools and Sack all Teachers to Improve Education Said Pro. Adei

Close All Schools and Sack all Teachers to Improve Education Said Pro. Adei

Close All Schools and Sack all Teachers to Improve Education Said Pro. Adei



Ghana Education Service must take drastic Step to restore the quality of education in Ghana. Prof. Adei on joy news made the assession that Ministry of education must Close All Schools and Sack all Teachers to facilitate the restoration of quality Education.




Emefa Akosua who was the host then asked the prof. for further  clarification of his action plans.



Prof. Adei said, the simple and analogical mechanism that can be put into practice to ensure efficacy in our schools as far as quality education is concerned is to force the structures to deliver deligently.



To achieve this, government through Education Ministry should resolve the Basic Education System once and for all. A three months notice should be given to all teachers and subsequently follow by their dismissal. Afterwards, government should employ visionary leaders to head each of the schools across the country.





Government  should then task each of the heads to recruit category of teachers that they think and believe will help them to achieve the right educational standards with the financing aspect been taken charge by the government.





A strong warning is then given to the various school heads which spells out that, after recruiting the teachers they identify as competent enough if the students do not perform well, the heads are rather going to be sacked. In this regard there is a direct contract between the heads of the schools and government.



This will force head teachers to constantly and adequately supervise teaching and learning. This will also boost the energy or momentum of teachers to use variety of assessment tools and tasks to accurately assess the levels of learners competency.



He said when this happen, our educational system will perform marvelously.



To him most teachers in the public schools are not teaching at all. He raised a concerned that, why is it that, in the government basic schools, we have qualified teachers who have learnt the methodological tools to apply in teaching to ensure quality results yet their students do not perform?



It is rather sad that the private schools that are mostly handled by school dropouts who knows nothing about psychology of learning and methodological frame work perform magically making sure their students  excel excellently in the external examinations.




He added that most children as much as Basic 9 can neither read nor write. This he said is very barbaric and social canker in our society today. To him, pupils at age six must be literates under any circumstances, thus, they should be able to read and write. If that magical tool will work then he advised that, his action plan should be inculcated into our educational system.



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He also added that, all these mimicking laziness among teachers through quality and consistent supervision. This will go along way to bring success in our educational sector, said, pro. Adei

Close All Schools and Sack all Teachers to Improve Education Said Pro.Adei

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