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College of Education and nursing Applicants Who Passed Excellently but Never Received Admission Yet.

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College of Education and nursing Applicants Who Passed Excellently but Never Received Admission Yet.


Are you part of College of Education and nursing Applicants yet to receive admission? Have you applied to attend College of Education but have not Receive admission yet? You pass excellently but you have not been called or admitted to any of the choices you made when applying for Admission.


You are confused whether you will be called later or the game is over for you? You are not alone! Answers to the above questions!


Why Applicants who completed the just ended 2022 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination  (WASSCE) were not considered for admission this Year?


The hidden truth is that, all applicants of College of Education who completed their WASSCE in 2022 were not considered for admission purposes.



College of Education and nursing Applicants

As it stands now, Colleges of Education have been restricted by West African Examinations Council from viewing 2022 graduates results from their database. One mandate of College of Education is that, for the sake of credibility and genuineness  of results, they are entitled to do thorough verification of the results of each and  every applicant from WAEC database before  approval can be given for admission into College of Education.



This ironically means that, as all the  Colleges of Education across the country are banned from getting direct assess to students certificates, it automatically implies that, there is no admission for such year budge group no matter how excellently your grades may be.



You might have gotten aggregate six or ten (10) ‘A’s but no admission for you. That is the bitter truth. Start thinking about elsewhere or wait and apply the coming  2023 and go to school 2024 thats the system now.



Why Colleges of Education have no Assess to some students Results?


Various tutors and junior staffs raised logical reasons pertaining to WAEC prohibition of Colleges of Education from getting Assess to Students results even though  difficult to proof.


College of Education and nursing Applicants

Prominent among them was that, The Colleges of Education need to pay some certain amount of monies they are owning WAEC. Due to the failure to pay those monies over the years, it has led to huge accumulative sum of debts Colleges of Education have to pay to WAEC hence the strategic plan to retrieve those manies is to directly restrict them from getting assess to now onwards results from WAEC till those manies are paid.


All applicants who did not get Admission in to the College of Education although they qualified or excel well not withstand their year budge group falls under this category.

Beside the above, assession was also made that, government has reintroduced the quota system that formally used to be implemented back into the Colleges of Education and nursing Training admission protocols.


This is Due to the hardship of our economy leading to establishment contract between Ghana and International Monetary Funds forced government to cut down its expenditure. Due to this Colleges of Education were forced to admit only half the total number of students they previously admit. This created huge chios in the admission process, leading to issues of nepotism, ethnocentrism and favouritism rather than merit.


College of Education and nursing Applicants

This is the current stage of our country. So incase you pass but didnt get admission sit quietly while thinking about where to get protocols, against next year. As for the nursing Training the fact is clear, however they are also going to admit very few students since government purse is dry.


As three budges of nurses are still in the house without employment, government has also taking bold step to admit only few students into the nursing training colleges why because the place is choked up. Every body want to run into nursing hence the consequences.


Either you use dubious means to enter and complete, sit down in the house without employment for you or you apply but  no admission is given to you . This is the bitter truth.

As for the teacher training colleges admission is closed. But some nursing training colleges are yet to give admission. Hold the leg of your MP very hard or your protocols personality since admission is now very limited starting from this year.

College of Education and nursing Applicants

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