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Cooks of School Feeding Program Received Threats of Contract Termination.

Cooks of school feeding program. Picture of a woman serving students with food

Cooks of School Feeding Program Received Threats of Contract Termination.


Cooks of School Feeding Program expressed their disheartening concerns over the challenge pepping at their door step. sympathetically, they are helpless and timid to let the  cat out of the bar about their current endeurvour.


The president for the overall cooks of the School Feeding Association, Greater Accra Region Charter, Mrs. Juliana Cudjoe poured out her bitterness that, members are totally dumfounded and overwhelmed as they unanimously received dozens of anonymous threats over contract terminations for expressing their grievances over non payment of arrears owned to them.


Cooks of School Feeding Program. Picture of woman serving students

She emphatically stated that, unceremoniously, they have not been able to go back to work since schools resumed why because their outstanding arrears for two terms are still pending putting them in economic suspense without hesitance. They are financially handicapped to purchase food commodities at this trying times.



Cooks of School Feeding Program

Mr. Frimpong, a caterer of the School Feeding Association at Teshie Presbyterian primary School, philanthropically stated, “we have not received ‘a penny’ let alone ‘ a kobo’ from January to now” It has created fear and panic in them since People may think their amalgamation of ideas is  politically bias, so he said.


They are therefore pleading to government to come to their intervention before one may maneuver to use dubious means to terminate their appointment.


Cooks of School Feeding Program


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They have the enthusiasm to work in a holistic manner without hindrance. They needed a push to cushion them to revive their work. Your suggestions and opinions are welcomed.


Are these people politically bias per how serious they were calling for aid? At what very point can we conclude that one is blindfolded with politics? As a nation can’t we put politics aside and call a spade “a spade?”



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