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Types of Necklines and how to cut them eg. illusion neckline, scalloped neckline, sweetheart etc.

Types of Necklines and how to Cut them using freehand method

Types of necklines and how to cut them. In this tutorial, we are going to use free hand cutting method to cut some popular necklines. Necklines are shapes  found on garments that accommodate the human neck. This is where your head comes out off the garment.

 necklines to consider in this episode:

1. Square necklines

2. Round necklines

3. V- necklines

4. Illusion necklines

5. Sweetheart neckline

6. Scalloped neckline

Square necklines;

Types of necklines and how to cut them

This type of neckline carries a square shape. It is one of the commonest neckline used in clothing construction. This neckline is most suitable for people with short but fat neck. It creates the impression of additional height to the figure making the neck to appear longer than normal. Because of this, this neck line is not suitable for people already having long neckline.

Step. 1. Fold the fabric into two based on your bust measurement. The fabric should be folded along the grain line but not across the grain.

Types of necklines and how to cut them

Step. 2. Measure the width of the neckline about three to four inches depending on how you want it. For males garments like shirt, you measure three inches. But for ladies garments, it varies depending on the wearers taste.

Step. 3. After measuring four inches for the width, measure along the fold line three inches or the same four inches or as you prefer.

Step.4. use a straight edge to rule lines as shown below. If you are using four inches all round, then make sure they are measured correctly to get the square shape.

Step. 5. After ruling the lines, it should look like the figure  shown below. Your square neckline is now ready for cutting out. Note that, in cutting out real garments, we take into consideration the measurements of the figure or the person. As we start learning how to cut skirt, shirt, flare and other dresses, we will Lean how to take body measurements accurately.

Types of necklines and how to cut them

Step. 6. Cut out your neckline as indicated in the figure below. Make sure you use sharp cutting out scissors or shears for the cutting out

Final work.

Round neckline 

This neckline has a rounded shape. It is uniquely used in both men and women garments construction. It is suitable for all ages. This neckline is easy to make.

Step. 1. Fold your fabric in to two based on your bust or around chest measurement.

Step. 2. Measure three inches along both the width and length of the fabric or as preferred by the wearer and draft square neckline.

Step.3. start at the corner indicated below and measure about one and half inches upwards. You can Use french curve or free hand to draw a gentle curve making sure it passes through the one and half marked point as shown below.

Types of necklines and how to cut them

You can also ignore the square neckline method and use this simple method. After measuring the three inches all round, use your French curve to create dotted lines from the folded point to the apex of the width of the neckline as shown below.

With the aid of french curve, draw a curve to touch the edges





Draw the line as demonstrated below and cut through the line gently to get your round neckline.

Neckline cut out

Open the cut out neckline. Don’t forget to fold the fabric into two before designing any neckline.

V- necklines

 Types of necklines and how to cut them

 this neckline looks just like letter ‘V’ . It is popularly used in the construction of ladies garments. It is rarely used in men garments.  It can be used efficiently to achieve harmony in a garment if handled well.

How to cut this simple neckline

Step.1. place your fabric on fold as shown below.

Step 2. Measure and indicate the width and length you expect from your neckline. To determine the depth of your neckline, measure from should to the required point and mark out. For the purpose of this episode, the width is Three inches as shown below.

The length of the neckline for this practice is seven inches.

The best way to determine the deep of your neckline is to measure the wearer from the shoulder to the required point or to where the person wants.

Step.3. Rule a straight line to meet the marked points ( Three inches and the seven inches points) and cut out though the marked line.


Types of necklines and how to cut them

Cut out to obtain your neckline.

Open the fabric and your beautiful V- neckline is ready

Illusion neckline

This is another beautiful neckline which gained it’s popularity just recently. It is currently the most fashionable neckline in ladies garments construction.


How to cut illusion neckline

Step 1. Fold your fabric as usual in to two. Measure the width Three and half inches.

Measure the depth as four inches

Step 2. Draw lines through the marked areas as illustrated below

Step.3. measure at the diagonal, one and half inches upwards as indicated in the diagram below:

Step 4. Measure one inch from the folded edge along the line as shown below.

Step 5. Draw a smooth curve to meet the points. Measure nine inches depth along the folded line and mark out.

Types of necklines and how to cut them

Draw a dotted line to meet the curve you drew earlier.

Cut out your your illusion neckline

Open the fabric to get this effect.



In our next episode, we will look at sweetheart and other necklines.

Sweetheart neckline

This neckline creates the impression of love, hence, mostly pertronized by designers to portray love and care.

How to cut this neckline

Step. 1. Measure the usual width about three and half inches

Step. 2. Measure the depth about eight inches and mark the point.

Step. 3. Rule lines through the marked area as shown below.

Step. 4. Stand at the diagonal as indicated below and measure about two to three inches upwards and mark the position.

Types of necklines and how to cut them

Step. 5. Draw dotted lines from the marked point down to the fold line.

Deepen the dotted lines.

Step. 6. Cut out your neckline as shown below.

Scalloped neckline.

This neckline is mostly suitable for ladies garments. It is a transformation of a ‘V’ neckline.

How to cut this neckline

Step. 1. Place the fabric on fold.

Step. 2. Measure the length or depth of the fabric about eight inches  from the folded end and mark the ending position. Mark the width about three inches or three and half inches and mark the ending point.

Step. 3 rule a straight line to meet the two points.

It should look like the figure below.

Step. 4. Make two inches calibrations along the straight line.

Step.5. measure one inch from each calibrator towards the folded edge and mark out clearly.

The finished work should look like this.

Step. 6. Use free hand or french curve to draw curves from the points to the straight line as indicated.

Continue drawing the curve liines.

The finished design should resemble the figure below

Step. 7. Cut out though the curves to obtain your neckline.

You scalloped neckline is ready.

You can give suggestions at the comments section.

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