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Date-Rush Lady who Can’t Marry a Teacher: Meet a date rush lady who said she can never marry a teacher

Date-Rush Lady who Can’t Marry a Teacher: Meet a date rush lady who said she can never marry a teacher for the fact that their salaries are near to nothing, Can not even provide her needs.


This stereotype must stop! Date-Rush Lady who Can’t Marry a Teacher why because a teacher can not afford to provide her primary basic needs let alot her make-up.


The assumption and mental slavery embedded into the cognitive ability of the Ghanaian child  is that, areas like the polytechnic, teacher training and nursing training colleges are for those who are academically dull or who might have failed or performed poorly in secondary school. These people are seen as people who are not brilliant.


A good student with six ‘A’s, seven ‘A’s, eight ‘A’s or having a single number in the WASSCE must go to the university straight to study degree programmes like; degree nursing, medicine, law, doctor of optometry, mechanical engineering, B’com, petroleum engineering etc.


Date-Rush Lady who Can’t Marry a Teacher

Again, the society has made an established mirage-like ideology that, students reading Visual Arts, Home Economics and Technical programmes are those who lack the requisite academic enthusiasm to sail well or those danderhead who  performed poorly in their Basic Education Certificate Examination.


To the extend that, other teachers from the sciences look down upon their colleague teachers in departments like; visual arts, home science just to mention a few.

This is the mental predisposition of both the schooled and unschooled.

Why wouldn’t same minds look down on teachers? It’s in line with our collective thinking as a people.


Yet, the assumed poor intellectual performers are expected to be the teachers of the future, the nurses and the imaginative arts men and artisans and technologists.

No wonder, this is the state of our nation; poor engineering and technical planning.

We need mental reorientation.

We need a national reorientation programme with a strategic change management plan.

NCCE, education managers and media managers must collaborate to reorient the nation. What os your take about this issue as a concerned citizen of mother Ghana? Feel free to express your self at the.comment section and also share this piece.


This will tell the policy makers and the entire Ghanaians the illiteracy we are still battling with as a nation. This may force change into our society. Tell your mind in the comment section.

Date-Rush Lady who Can’t Marry a Teacher

Source: ghana web

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