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Disaster Befalls Ghanaian Football as Technical Director vividly confirmed that,

Disaster Befall Ghanaian Football. Logo of africans games

Disaster Befalls Ghanaian Football as Technical Director vividly confirmed that, Ghana is Stripped Off From Hosting Africa Games


The news of Ghana postponing the 2023 Africa Games has been tentatively confirmed by the Ghana Cycling Federation. It is true that disaster befalls Ghanaians football or time will tell?

Ghana bid to host the Africa Games in 2018 but four years down after winning the bid, the national doesn’t look prepared.


Shaaban Mohammed is the Technical Director of the Ghana Cycling Federation has vividly confirmed to Radio Gold Sports that their international body has confirmed the news to them.


Disaster Befalls Ghanaian Football

The Federation is however putting plans in place to keep all cyclists in shape for future assignments according to Shaaban Mohammed.

Ghana bid to host the African festival in 2018 and promised to build a new 50,000 seater stadium to host the tournament.

But the nation has not prepared enough with infrastructure and it looks likely that the games will be postponed to early 2024 or late 2024. The other sports disciplines must do a lot to keep their athletes in good shape.

Disaster Befalls Ghanaian Football

As Ghanaians were wholeheartedly supporting our dear country during the world cup, surprisingly, all hope were lost when we were later kicked off the game.


However, everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. One may wonder why at  recent times, our team has lost its dignity consecutively over and over. Frankly speaking as a patriotic citizen it is not hard to believe that, government kept investing hugely in Football every year but less to nothing is gotten as returns.


The bitter truth is that, we must have a second look at our team and GFA as a whole.  Millions of dollars have been wasted in the attempt to make Ghanaian football gain its momentum and become more fruitful.


The funny aspect is that, the harder stakeholders try, the worser the disappointment becomes. Apartment entertainment aspect of football, Ghanaians football refused to offer the country with any thing but rather they are constantly causing financial lost to the state. Times like this where the economy is dangling, it is better GFA is dissolved and a systematic approach instituted to come out with a more vibrant team if we wish football to help in our socio economic development.


Disaster Befalls Ghanaian Football

Other than that we are just running after the wind.

Source: opera news

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