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Education Portal Opened to Recruit Diploma Teachers from qualified Department. 

Education Portal Opened to Recruit Diploma Teachers

Education Portal Opened to Recruit Diploma Teachers from qualified Department. 




Ministry of Education has been given the green light and mandate to recruit professional teachers into the teaching service. In view of this the Education Portal has been Opened to Recruit the Diploma Teachers.



Following The letter dated 3rd February, 2024 signed by Angelena Frempmaa Nkansah the Ghana Education Service is requesting for qualified trained teachers who have diploma in Basic Education Certificate to be considered for employment.



Job Purpose outlined by GES;

1.One should be ready to facilitate teaching and learning using 21st Century Technology.


2.Continously improve learner’s ability to research using new technologies.


3. Teach highly motivated learners, cater for learners with different learning abilities and help them to achieve excellent academic results.

4. Attend relevant Continuous Professional Development Sessions.


5. Use variety of assessment tools and task to accurately to assess levels of learners competency


6. Any other responsibility that will be assigned to you by your Head of institution.

Application criteria and procedure:
1. Must have completed Basic Education Programm and has no outstanding examinations or referrals


2. Must have completed one year mandatory National Service.


3. Must have passed the National Teacher Licensure Examination


4. Must be ready to work wherever his or her services would be needed.


It goes on to say that ” If you are a professional and passionate teacher looking for an opportunity to train the Ghanaian child to contribute to national building in feature, assess the GES Official portal or website on from 10th February to 24th February, 2023.


Note that only application assess through the website would be accepted.

Login Here  And Apply.

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