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BB News on Player Christian Atsu in the  Qatar World Cup and USA

Fameye Releases New Song For Christiana Atsu Full of Education ‘The End of Mankind’








The sudden journey of no return has been taken by Atsu. Death has welcomed Christiana Atsu with its cold arm. Fameye Releases New Song For Christiana Atsu full of Education the journey of mankind.




The sad Journey of Mankind where everyone is assured of. This moment is a moment of flashback and reflection of our lives.



Money, power, Chieftaincy and the like are useless for this crucial time. All your achievements are left behind. Why then the arrogance, making people to pass through pain, agony, trauma and difficult tribulations because of your money, power etc.



What legacy will you leave behind? Is it a positive one that will put smiles on the faces of people!



Guess what? Almost everybody is praising Christiana Atsu. Even though he left too early he established a reputable and a very respectful legacy in people’s life. Families and friends as well almost all Ghanaians are commending his achievement. The evidence is so clear that his He depatcher is will affect alot more people.


His good heart to sponsor alot of Ghanaian children in the universities and other tertiary institutions can not be left out. How the player killed himself in Qatar well cup was fantastic.


We have leaders today who are richer than the late Christiana Astu but will never help people. They wish to rather steal from the poor and needy.


Have you ever taught about how, where and when you will start this journey? You are not even sure! Then why the pride, arrogance, discrimination, ethnocentrism and the like. What is so special about you? Is it your money, or your level of education.


Lets love each other, educate each other, help each other etc. Listen very carefully to the words from the song dedicated to him. Pinpoint the kind of education and alot more you can get from the song. It a song with powerful words giving strong education


Watch and listen to the Song For Christiana Atsu Full of Education


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