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Form 3 Student Committed Suicide in The Dormitory

Form 3 Student Committed Suicide in The Dormitory Over Allegedly Stollen money and Stationary.

A suicide note of a final year girl who committed suicide at Tala Girls Senior High School at machakos pop up after her death. The Form 3 student committed suicide over atrocity that is untrue.

Francisca Dokee who was sixteen before her sorrowful departure, was discovered death at the school dormitory on August 31 by the school deputy principal, Jane Katumbi

The incident was reported at Tala police Station.

This malicious event occurred after Dokee had a case with management on accusation that, she was responsible for the stollen of Sh2500 and a packet of pencils.

They found out a suicide note left behind detailing how every step she took to convince the school management became a white elephant.

Form 3 Student Committed Suicide

Suicide note:

“I explained vividly but you furiously created your own.
I told you guys that, i am not responsible for the lost money and pencils yet you disagreed.

” Well only God knows, since i dont want to cause more problems in the school and make my poor mother suffer again because of me, let me cut off. May God bless you all for always encouraging me. Bye- bye, coming to meet you Dad” it read.


She also left behind an emotional message for the mother and wished her and the brother well.

Form 3 Student Committed Suicide

Here it goes:

“Mummy! You occupied half of my heart whiles brother occupies the other half. I pray that God bless your work and pray that my brother will excel in his education.

I beg, pray, and hope that you will not involve my mother in this case since she can easily die, meanwhile, she still has tasks ahead of her for my siblings”


One relative of the deceased accompanied her mother during a postmortem conducted at the Regional hospital.

The postmortem revealed that, the girl died out of suffocation, a confirmation that, she committed suicide.


The family is demanding answers from the school administration and had accused them for incriminating their daughter.


These are minor souls, they should be handled with critical care and attention. Talk to them and if they roundly refuse, take proper disciplinary action against them. All should be vigilant.


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