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Free Senior High School under Review to Cut down government Expenditures in Accordance with IMF Strategic Plan.

Free Senior High School under Review.picture of free shs and government over review of free senior high programme

Free Senior High School under Review to Cut down government Expenditures in Accordance with IMF Strategic Plan.



As a drastic measure of maneuvering to streamline government Expenditure per government flagship mandatory programme so as to further stabilize the economic challenges, it necessitated that, FSHS programme is amicable reviewed


According to a accumulated reports from Daily Graphic, the minister of finance emphatically stated that, it is incumbent upon the government to accept and endure the review processes to be initiated to pave way for embracing IMF funds.


The major government developmental projects are all tentemant to review. The report categorically stated that, the finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta enthusiastically retaliated to perpetrators that, apart from The Free Senior High School Programme subjected to review, other projects like planting for food and jobs, one district one factory, The School Feeding programme as well as the physically dead but documentary living NaBCO programme are all going through gradual review.


Free Senior High School under Review

In connotation to the above, world bank is actually the overall man of the game. World bank is engineering the whole review process according to daily graphic.


This is so with  the ideology that the whole process can easily go though serious adultration by Ghanaians if a minor advantage is given to them as the reviewing is concerned.


This is purely Internation Monetary Funds Conditionality hence the process need not to be prejudiced.


Ken Ofori Atta in his interrogation with some major journalists, gave the assession that, it is in the right direction for governmental projects to be scrutinized and further reviewed after their operation for a while. This helps figure out the less performing projects as well as those hidden behind obstacle causing financial lost to the state.


Free Senior High School under Review

However, the bitter truth is that, many visionary Ghanaians constantly complain with sympathy that the kind of acceleration FSHS lmplementation is draining our liquidity and adding assiduously to the uncontrolled increment of the judgement debt is so alarming.


Despite this catastrophizing moment  government has succeeded borrowing $3 billion from IMF mean while, the country is suffocating and tangling on its pseudopodia like amoeba.

Free Senior High School under Review


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