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GES Instructs District And Regional Directors to work on promotional issue

Education GES sued over promotional. Picture of G ES logo

GES Instructs District And Regional Directors to work on promotional Ranking and undisbursed outstanding Salaries issues Of Teacher Across the Country



GES Instructs District and Regional Directors to compile all the neccessary documents of Teachers who are entitled to benefiting promotional allowances as well as Responsibility allowance.


The management of Ghana Education Service is using this power vested into them for rectification of the above mention issues.
GES is therefore requesting every ton dock and hurry to harmoniously utilized this offer.



They proudly and concurrently admitted to solve all outstanding salary and allowances logarithm spelt out to staffs in relation to their appointment . One is authorized to forward such grievances or the neccessary documents to the District or Regional Education offices before the end of time.


An official letter endorsed by Madam Angela Frimpomaa Nkansa AG. Director as well as Human Resource management Director spearheaded by Director General mentioned in the letter that, a mandatory task has been given to The District Offices especially to urgently forward the documents they will receive from the prospective victims in their various districts to the neccessary headquarter, Accra, for immediate and neccessary action to be taken before the closure os their system.


GES Instructs District And Regional Directors is

Underlisted procedures highlighted in the letter, a maximum number of four different issues will be rectified:

* Salary adjustment as well as upgradement of salaries only for qualified staff.

* Issuance of grant to transfered staffs popularly known as transfer grant. This is only paid based on merit but not in all circumstances.

Responsibility Allowance restatement.

* Junior Rank promotion of both teaching and non teaching staff to be part of the category.

Staffs are warn of perpetuating as well as condoning and conniving with unscrupulous people using directorship As a weapon for their own gains by requesting for money. They advised serious against this.
Those with the above mention problems should submit their neccessary documents sooner than before to the Regional Director all things been equally before 3oth of December 2022 .

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