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GES Reduces 2023 First Term Duration By 4 Weeks.

GES Reduces 2023 First Term Duration By 4 Weeks.

GES Reduces 2023 First Term Duration By 4 Weeks.


To ensure consistency in the Education sector, Ministry of Education and GES Reduces 2023 First Term Duration By 4 Weeks.




The Ministry of Education spearheaded by Osei Adutwum has redefined our education system into different perspective taken into consideration the western form of education. Due to the fact that he spent most of his time schooling and working in the foreign world, he has been propelled to bring drastic change to the education sector in Ghana.



His attempt to achieve this led to the establishment of new education reform called common core curriculum which he believed will inculcate into learners the needful skills and attitudes that will perfect the quality of human labour in the field of work. But lets see how it goes.




Another major strategy he employed was, his approach to establish STEM schools to revamp the critically and theoritically centred educational system to a more practical and technological oriented schools. He is seriously implementing this ideology in targeted schools with the sole aim of producing graduates who appreciate the application of creativity and innovation in solving and creating new and beneficial framework to change the lives of Ghanaians.



He believed this will not only stabilize the economy some years to come but also it will terminate the mind set of neo-colonialosm in the country.




Beside that, his dialogue with University tutors to abolish programmes that prepare students for jobs that do not exist may be factor. Though his attempt did not work but he is contantly pushing.



Furthermore, the education minister created the background for students with no science background to read science related programmes in specified Universities provided the student can stand before mathematics, physics and chemistry.



Last but not least, what the education minister is thinking of doing is to bring academic calendar back to the olden system with little adjustment made. This will means that, the Entrance Examination which is going to serve as additive to and substitute for BECE will commence in June.




September will be the begining of the next academic year for both JHS and SHS. In doing this students have only 10 days break and the numbers of weeks reduce from 15 to 11.

Basic schools will vacate on March 25th instead of the proposed April

However, lets keep fingers cross to see whether this policy is workable.





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