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Ghana Becomes the first Country to Approve Oxford’s Malaria Vaccine.

.Ghana Becomes the first Country Approve Oxford's Malaria Vaccine.

Ghana Becomes the first Country to Approve Oxford’s Malaria Vaccine.






African number one cause of motality in children has been crippled unconsciously. Ghana Becomes the first Country tok Approve Oxford’s Malaria Vaccine.

Malaria is a disease spread through the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito. Even though no research was able to tell where the first plasmodium parasite came from they went further to explain that, a bite from an infected female anopheles mosquito has high tendency of leaving the plasmodium merozoites in you.

According to research conducted by University of Oxford, in every single minute, one child dies from malaria in Africa. It took Oxford University so many years to come out with the vaccine. The targeted continent for the vaccines is Africa.


Fortunately and Unfortunately Ghana is the first African country to approve the use of these vaccines. Guess what, World Health Organization has not approved the use of this vaccine yet. Which means after the vaccine works on Ghanaians Successfully without complications, they can now approve the vaccines to be used world wide.



Lets see what happens and pray for Ghana. Apart from the six childhood killer disease which used to be; Tuberculosis, Whopping Cough, Measles, Diphtheria, Poliomyelitis and Tetanus, an attempt has be made to add malaria to the killer diseases to give us the seven Killer diseases due to its mimicking and damaging nature. We should not be happy until these vaccines are successfully administered on our children without serious adverse reactions.

Give your comments on this! Why the starting country is Ghana? Whats about if it fails? What do you think?


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