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Ghana Education Service as well as Ministry of information should nicodemously and amicably halt this.

Ghana Education Service as well as Ministry of information should nicodemously and amicably suspend and lambast the lawlessness manipulations.and impediment highjacked by chiefs which is detrimental to and militating against SHS qualitatively before the vampires incriminate their cognitive hallucinations.



Unimaginably, the action taken by chiefs ironically to replot the graph against Kwanyako Senior High Technical School  In Agona East District of Central Region of Ghana has to be reinvestigated by the authorized authorities before the worst happen. Ghana Education Service most especially has a strong role to play to bring peace and order in the community.


The old Student Association of the school has reemphasized that, there is no direct and reasonable correlation between the behaviour of the chief and academic enhancement in the community.
According to them, the chief is a jocular kind of leader hence has done nothing regarding the upliftment and sustainable development of the school.

Due to this unconcerned and negligent attitude of the chief towards remodeling of the school, his statement to rename the the school after himself is pregnant in meaning. He is not qualified at all to rename the school after himself, said president of The old Student Association.


According to the youth and The Old Student Association of the school, the chief has woefully and abysmally misconducted himself in the eyes of the community and for that matter, the school. Ghana Education Service.


The Old Student Association of the school notified the media that, the current name of the school depicts and preserves the customs and traditions of the community as far as history is concerned. It also clearly states and specifies the modest and tireless roles played by the various visionary stakeholders of the community who persevered and endured to gain government recognition to help in the establishment of the school from cradle to grave.

Unmiraculously, the community believed that the school has absolutely gained its popularity over the years due to the manifestation of its name. It has the momentum to defile all obstacles as far as spiritism is concerned, so they believed.


They are however, drawing the attention of Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Information and other ordained stakeholders to intervene before the unanticipated and so untantalizing tragedy occurs.

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