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Ghana’s problems come from our educational system- Ghanaian US presidential candidate

Ghann's problems lol

Ghana’s problems come from our educational system – Ghanaian US presidential candidate

Roland Kwadwo Dela Agorkle is a Ghanaian by birth but a US citizen who is currently aspiring to be the next president of the United States of America, and he makes a statement on the current economic state of Ghana. He categorically stated that, “Ghana’s  problems come from our educational system.


In an interview on SVTV Africa, the mathematics professor stated that Ghana’s major problems come from its educational system. It must be restructured for the country to develop economically.


Speaking on the high rate of unemployment in Ghana and the high dependence on government jobs. DJ Nyaami quizzed him on the low level of technical education being a cause of regression.


Ghana’s problems.

“I’m glad you asked me because I’m a Professor of Mathematics and also considered to be a Professor in the field of education. There is a problem with the educational system in Ghana. The system trains people to memorize. So the graduates find it difficult to apply the knowledge they acquire to solve a real-world problem,” Roland said.


He added that Ghana’s economic problems can only be solved if the educational system is properly structured to produce graduates who can build solutions to fix the country.


“The problem comes from our educational system and how it is structured. It doesn’t allow for innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset. We must restructure the curriculum because it is all theory-based.


Ghana’s problems.

I’m not saying it is not important, but the year Akosombo Dam was built does not solve a problem in the real world. We need to make the curriculum application based. So we can solve the problems,” he said on Daily Hustle Worldwide.

Source: Ghana web

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