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GHS to Ban Nurses From Using Phones in Hospitals.

GHS to Ban Nurses From Using Phones in Hospitals.

GHS to Ban Nurses From Using Phones in Hospitals.





GHS to Ban Nurses From Using Phones in Hospitals.The Ghana Health Service has taken a bold decision to ban the use of mobile phones by nurses in the hospitals during working hours. This new directive became necessary when some group of nurses  were found dancing to shoot tiktok videos while they were on duty. This led to the death of a patient they need to attend to as a results of seizure attack.


The relatives of the patient who went out to buy food came and realized the nurses were doing their own thing whiles his patient was struggling to die.


After the death of the patient, the relative suit the hospital. This forced management of the hospital to come out with new directives. This new initiatives has already started working or has been put into practice at Okomfo Anokye Teaching hospital. The notice was that;

“The management of Okomfo Akokye teaching hospital has baned all nurses from using mobile phones on social media during working hours. They pinpointed that most nurses use cell phones for useless stuff like tik tok, face booking and Whatsapp when on due”.


They tend to neglect patients they are to attend to and in the process people loose their lives due to their negligence lifestyle.


Many Ghanaians are ok with the new directives. People believed that, this is a character adopted by most nurses in the various hospitals  across the country. They added that, this act is more dominant among the female nurses. They tend to be busy for nothing on their phones when they have to attend to a person. Your attempt to draw their attention can raise a serious fight. They may even insult you including your patient, complained by the masses.


Do you support this  directive from GHS or not. Some people believed that they should be baned from even receiving and making calls since most of their calls are uncessary. Leave your comments at the comment section below

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