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GNAT and COHBS  To Stand Strongly Against The Killing incident

GNAT and COHBS. Picture of a man with a knife

GNAT and COHBS  To Stand Strongly Against The Killing incident which Occured at Banda Involving a JHS 2 Student.



A Junior High School Student was brutalized at Banda in the Savana Region of Ghana.


According to reports, a JHS 2 student of Nkwanta R/C JHS by name Sansah Sei was bitterly murdered on 15th of October, 2022. by unknown person or people.


A press released on 20th October, 2022 shockingly announced  that, this student who was the Agric Prefect of Nkwanta R/C  JHS sorrowfully lost his life in their headmasters office.


It stated that, at recent times, killing incident is constantly showing up its ugly head in the community. Despite the economic hardness, one is not allowed to eliminate an innocent soul, added by the press.



Observation had it that, there is a direct correlation between the killing incidence in the unusual richest of the community boys. The boys  are desperately involving themselves in money rituals Spiritism.  The most challenging matter is the lack of evidence to bring those people to book.



Notification was given to general public long ago about the rampant killings that happens in the community indiscriminately. This issue became serious when they landed on a student.


The president of Ghana Association of Teachers (GNAT) in Nkwanta as well as Conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS) promised mot to leave any stone unturned get into the root of the matter. Even though, the police are doing the preliminary investigations, GNAT and COHBS stated that, they are inclusively undertaking intensive underground research to brin the culprit to book.



Ghana Education Service Director at Nkwanta liberated against the barbaric act and promised to support the police cultivate dynamic mechanisms to enable them arrest the victims.


What made the issue so delicate was the fact that this incident happened at the headmaster’s office.



For now, the headmaster is the prime suspect of the murder case even though, he bluntly confessed not to have hands in the act.


The press release was endorsed by GNAT Secretary, Kobina Issahaku as well as both the Secretary and Chairman of COHBS

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