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Ghana National Association of Teachers and School Placement Fraud


Ghana National Association of Teachers and School Placement Fraud

Ghana National Association of Teachers and School Placement Fraud




The Current information reaching us indicates that the suspicious tag ‘Ghana National Association of Teachers and School Placement Fraud’ has been seriously debunked. The incident has something to do with the popular documentary linked to the cleaner who was arrested by the police during the 2021/2022 School placement fraud.




The ideology depicted by Ghana Education Service sounded as if the cleaner who was captured in the investigative documentary acting as a middle man to the placement of students into category ‘A’ schools was the Staff of GNAT.




GNAT rose this worrisome assession after Ghana Education Service made a spontaneous commence which seemingly connotes that, the security personnel as well as all the affected victims are not their employees but rather employees of GNAT hostel.



Mr Kwasi Kwarteng, a Public Relation Officer of Ghana Education Service made those sacastic comments which triggered GNAT president to act inversely proportional to those allegations. Mr. Kwarteng added that, preliminary investigation was done to diagnose any hidden information about the culprits. This he said, the culprits could not reveal their employment status but he believed that they might have come from GNAT rather than GES.




Mr. Kwarteng further stated that, Ministry of Education together with Ghana Education Service rented a facility in the GNAT hostel and used it as a resolution centre for carrying out the placement exercise. This means the cleaner and the Security personnel are actually staff of GNAT but not Ghana Education Service as perported earlier.




In response to what Mr. Kwarteng allegedly said, The spoke person for GNAT warned Ghana Education Service to desist from telling cock’s and bull’s story and hit the nail on it head. He conclusively classified Mr. Kwarteng as a disappointing entity and should hold the bull by the horn and desist from any propaganda which will tarnish the good Name of GNAT. The union know not the victims.



The general secretary for GNAT, Mr. Thomas Musah specking to joy news today said, Ghana Education Service should do their checks well before GNAT is forced to let the skeleton out of the box. He added that, it is surprising that all the good things they offered to GES, the institute is now paying them in this manner.



He emphasized that the place given to Ghana Education Service for Running its placement and resolution activitied was given for free to them. GNAT did not rent any facility to GES but gave it out for free on hummanitarian grounds. This logically means Mr. Kwarteng is not factual but falacious.


Afterwards GES have to engage its security personnel  and other workers to ensure the security and sanity of their work. How then can GNAT workers interfere in the affairs of GES. This means Ghana Education Service is ungrateful to make this statement, he added.


Ghana National Association of Teachers and School Placement Fraud


Ghana National Association of Teachers placed emphasis that, the union is calling on Minister of Education, Yaw Osei Adutwum, the entire Education Ministry and Ghana Education Service to reprimand the public Relation offer of the institution thus Mr Kwasi Kwarteng before they vomit certain sensitive issues concerning GES. He husten and said if nothing happens Mr. Kwarteng and the worse is vomited, no one should blame GNAT but rather Mr. Kwarteng.

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