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The Unbelievable Secret but Naked Truth About Government

The Unbelievable Secret but Naked Truth About Government Failure to Distribute Laptops to The Primary School Teachers.


It is very surprising and highly pathetic to notice that, in spite of the deduction of the 30% from teachers’ professional developmental levy, alot number of these basic teachers have not receive their laptops. The reason of Government Failure to Distribute Laptops to the beneficiaries is known now.

After restless and thorough investigation into the problematic issue at hand, the detailed causative or motivation factor or agent towards the delay of the issuance of the laptops to these beneficiary of the various primary school teachers was revealed.

Metaphorically speaking, there is no denying of the fact that the continuously distribution of the laptops will take a bit time longer.

The reality on the grounds is that, government has roundly refused to credit the accounts of the suppliers of the laptops the 70% payment  promised earlier on.

Since there is a legalized documented contract existing  between the suppliers and the government of Ghana witnessed by all the teacher unions.

Government Failure to Distribute Laptops

The suppliers are patiently waiting for the government to do the deposit of the seventy percent fully before the continuously distribution of these devices.

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According to source, the seventy percent out of the already distributed laptops to SHS and JHS teachers is still on hold.

However, the suppliers have putting drastic measures in place pertaining to the distribution of the laptops.

They are to collect the raw facts about on KG teachers in the villages. Despite the fact that SHS and JHS teachers have happily received their laptops , the primary school teachers are seriously and temporary  exempted.


The bitter truth is that, until  the seventy percent is paid from the side of Ghana government, the distribution of the laptops is going to be suspended indefinitely. Government Failure to Distribute Laptops





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