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Government petition To Recruit 19,000 Graduate Teachers Rejected.

Government Appetition To Recruit 19,000 Graduate Teachers Rejected.

Government petition To Recruit 19,000 Graduate Teachers Rejected.



Things are now getting critically worse, as the state of our economy
kept on dangling. According to Education Watch, Government petition To Recruit 19,000 Graduate Teachers Rejected by Ministry of finance.



On a joy news today, a more vivid and general discussion took place. The discussion was centred on Ghana’s progress in achieving SDG 4 goals.



As the key elements of the Sustainable Development Goals which was launched in USA in 2015 connotes, inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education must be ensured towards promoting life long learning for all.



The Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, Honourable Kofi Asare on joy news with Nana Akosua Konadu
Pinpointed the major tsunami fighting Ghana against the achievement of the fourth Meliniom Developmental Goal.



In the discission, the Director of Africa Education Watch reveled the hidden tenacity unknown to most Ghanaian.



According to Asare, Ghana education becomes less valuable if quality and quantity teacher supply is lacking. He made the assession that, teachers are not evenly distributed in our various schools across the country.



He said we have Teachers in schools where their services are not needed most especially in the cities. Meanwhile rural areas are lacking teachers.



In discussing the nature of the economy in conjunction with teacher supply, Mr. Asare said government have plans to raise education but the manner in which issues are tackled is very problematic.

He said early this year government drafted his plan for employing as much as 19,000 Graduate teachers into the various Free Senior High Schools.


But as this projection was sent before the minister of finance, it was  discarded. The finance minister did not see any need for recruiting graduate teachers at this crucial time. The Plan became a white elephant.



This he said will seriously affect learning outcome. As it is now there is no hope that government is going to recruit graduate teachers this year or two, said Mr. Asare.



He said there is a need for a systematic approach to run education sector independently free from manipulations. Teachers find it as disgusting to stay in the rural areas and this is seriously affecting education in Ghana. In Achieving our SDG 4 it demands careful planning and systematic planning of projections ahead of time as far as education is concerned.



 Government petition To Recruit 19,000 Graduate Teachers Rejected.  

Most often than not, only newly posted teachers are found in the rural schools. After teaching for a maximum of three years, they apply for transfers and off they go. Recorded by my joy online.

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He added that, in order to curtail this we must incentify teachers teaching at rural areas because they are limited from opportunities been  enjoyed by their counterparts  in urban areas.

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